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Faculty, Students Conduct Health Workshops for Community Group

Topics Include Nutrition, Disease and Exercise

Participants in the workshops included LAEC Counselor Betsy Chisholm, Asst. Prof. Deirdra Murphy, doctoral student Kim Chadwell, Assoc. Prof. Geoffry McEnany and Adriana Giraldo of the LAEC staff.

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Faculty and students from the School of Health and Environment helped meet the needs of the community last month by conducting a series of workshops in a “Healthy Mind and Healthy Body” series at the Lowell Adult Education Center (LAEC).

Taking part in the series, directed by LAEC Counselor Betsy Chisholm, were Assoc. Prof. Geoff McEnany of Nursing; Kim Chadwell, a doctoral candidate in the Center for Health and Disease Research; nutritionist Elizabeth Goodrow; Asst. Prof. Deirdra Murphy of the Physical Therapy Department; and exercise physiology students Lauren Mistretta and John Kisielius.

McEnany conducted workshops on anxiety and depression while Chadwell and Goodrow discussed nutrition and disease. Murphy and the two students conducted four interactive workshops on exercise and four on walking.

Murphy says, “This is the type of experience that everyone learns from and feels good doing. We are so blessed to have a community that reaches out to us and creates reciprocal learning experiences from which we all benefit.”