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Mechanical Engineering Alums Host GE Visit

Students Discuss Jet Engine Capstone Project

 Students in Mechanical Engineering are designing and building a jet engine. Photo by Matteo Forgione.

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A group of seniors in Mechanical Engineering, currently developing their own jet engine as part of their capstone design project, recently visited the General Electric plant in Lynn. Led by Prof. Sammy Shina and Department Chair John McKelliget, the students toured the plant, then met with plant engineers to discuss their jet engine design details and safety issues.

"The students were amazed to see complete compressor blade and disk assemblies machined out of single solid hunks of titanium," says Shina. "It was a valuable day for all involved. We learned a lot in the process, and I think generated some genuine good will for the University."

The capstone project began with a personal hobby, as senior Matteo Forgione worked at building a fully functional jet engine. Shina helped turn the project into a capstone, with an emphasis on scientific principles and operating conditions. Now six seniors are involved and the final presentation is due in May.

GE engineers who are alumni of the Mechanical Engineering Department hosted the students and faculty.

Profs. McKelliget and Shina, fourth and fifth from left, examine a jet engine assembly at the GE plant in Lynn, with students working on a capstone project.