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Prof. Kurup Gives Presentations in India, France and Japan

Kurup Offers Keynote at GEOPRACTICE

Prof. Pradeep Kurup

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Describing what he says was "very productive" period, Prof. Pradeep Kurup of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department reports that he made presentations this summer in Bangalore, India; Paris; and Osaka, Japan.

At the recent GEOPRACTICE 2005 conference at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, Kurup delivered the invited keynote lecture on "Predicting Earthquake Liquefaction Potential from in Situ Test Data."

In August he was in Paris for the PRESSIO 2005 conference where he presented a paper on "Estimating Relative Density and Horizontal Stress from Cone Pressuremeter Test Data."

And, finally, on Sept. 13, he discussed "A Novel Technology for Sniffing Subsurface Contaminants" at the 16th ICSMGE (International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering) in Osaka.