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Krishnan Book Published

Probability Book a Five-Year Project

Venkatarama Krishnan

By For more information, contact or 978-934-3224

Prof. Emeritus Venkatarama Krishnan of the Electrical Engineering Department recently published the book “Probability and Random Processes,” a project he has been working on for the past five years. Krishnan also designed the front and back coversof the book based on Beta densities.

This book offers a compendium of most distribution functions used by communication engineers, queuing theory specialists, signal processing engineers, biomedical engineers, physicists and students. Key topics covered include: random variables and most of their frequently used discrete and continuous probability distribution functions; moments, transformations and convergences
of random variables; characteristic, generating and moment generating functions; computer generation of random variates; estimation theory and the associated orthogonality principle; linear vector spaces and matrix theory with vector and matrix differentiation concepts; vector random variables; random processes and stationarity concepts; extensive classification of random processes; random processes through linear systems and the associated Wiener and Kalman filters; application of probability in Single Photon Emission Computerized
Tomography (SPECT).

The book includes more than 400 figures drawn to scale to assist readers in understanding and applying theory. Many of these figures accompany the more than 300 examples given to help readers visualize how to solve a problem.