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Economic Stimulus Bill Backs Expansion of BioManufacturing Center

Statewide Expansion Funded

Prof. Carl Lawton works in the laboratories in the Engineering Building

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Prof. Carl Lawton would be the first person to admit that he is more at home among bioprocessing tanks than State House hallways. Yet he didn’t let that stop him from making the case that an expanded Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center would be good for the state.

And those efforts have paid off. The economic stimulus bill passed by the Legislature includes the UMass Lowell advanced manufacturing facility (see related story on building, in Top Stories), which will ensure space for expanded biomanufacturing research and production assistance. The bill also provides capital funds for a large-scale bioprocessing facility near UMass Dartmouth and more than one potential source of program funding directed toward biomanufacturing.

“With the BioManufacturing Center we aim to keep business development activities in the Commonwealth, creating a culture of growing biomanufacturing within the state’s borders,” says Lawton. “The Legislature should be recognized for investing in advanced manufacturing and the economic future of Massachusetts.”