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Assoc. Prof. of Education Iman Chahine won a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to do ethnomathematical research in South Africa Photo by Katharine Webster
School of Education Associate Prof. Iman Chahine is an ethno-mathematician who turns traditional cultural practices into teaching tools.


This is a selection of source and story ideas compiled by UMass Lowell media relations. We are available to assist with these as well as any other source or content needs. 

Content Ideas
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Faculty experts are available to discuss: 
  • UMass Lowell’s work with the International Institute of New England to help settle Afghan refugees in the Merrimack Valley;
  • The university’s latest mission with NASA to identify new planets and other objects in space.
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UMass Lowell initiative aims to diversity offshore wind workforce  
Five years from now, the offshore wind industry is expected to be well-established in Massachusetts, with giant turbines dotting the Atlantic Ocean and generating thousands of megawatts of clean electricity.
To ensure that underrepresented populations can benefit from future jobs in the emerging clean energy field, a team of UMass Lowell faculty, led by Mechanical Engineering Associate Prof. Christopher Hansen, is taking steps now to provide them with access to the required education and training. See the full story.

Education prof uses traditional cultural practices to teach math
A compass and a calculator can help teach the basics of mathematics, but School of Education Associate Prof. Iman Chahine believes arts, games, tools and social practices used in everyday culture can make the lessons richer. She says an unspoken language found in murals, beads and sewing patterns can help demystify mathematics for schoolchildren. With the help of a second Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award, Chahine is introducing ethno-mathematics into lessons at high schools in South Africa. See the full story.

Business scholars plug into the future of remote work
When tens of millions of Americans were suddenly forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of workforce scholars from UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business realized they were living through an unparalleled research opportunity. Led by Management Prof. Kimberly Merriman, for the past year, the team has been investigating how remote work is changing the employment landscape. See the full story.