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October Sources of the Month

UMass Lowell Experts Assist Print, Radio and TV Journalists

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UMass Lowell's faculty experts are available as sources to journalists covering today's top stories.


Providing concise and thought-provoking insight on current events for print, radio and TV journalists, UMass Lowell’s world-class faculty, researchers and scholars are experts in fields including health, science, education, business, social sciences and humanities. Sources are available in person, by phone or email. TV options include live interviews in person or in HD via ReadyCam by VideoLink. 

This month’s hot topics and featured sources are: 

Breast cancer self-care and treatment – UMass Lowell experts can serve as sources for stories on Breast Cancer Awareness Month:
  • Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus thanked her family and friends when revealing recently that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but not all patients have such strong emotional support. A UMass Lowell psychology professor can offer insight to help patients work through when, how and to whom they disclose their diagnosis, along with how to respond to the reaction. 
  • A UMass Lowell researcher who is harnessing nanotechnology to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to diseased cells can discuss how this approach offers new hope to patients, including fewer side effects.   
The 60th anniversary of “On the Road” – Beat Generation icon and Lowell native Jack Kerouac’s seminal work on discovering America and a sense of self, “On the Road,” was published 60 years ago this fall. Experts from UMass Lowell’s Jack and Stella Kerouac Center for the Public Humanities can talk about the writer’s enduring influence, the author’s private life, which was often at odds with his public persona, and his legacy in Lowell.

Superstitions – Autumn events, including Halloween and the Red Sox competing in the post-season, evoke all kinds of superstitions. Psychology Prof. Doreen Arcus can talk about why people hold on to such beliefs and how to let go of them if they become excessive and interfere with an enjoyment of one’s daily life.

For a complete list of UMass Lowell experts by topic, see and click on the menu on the upper left corner of the page. The university’s media relations team is ready to help connect you. Contact Nancy Cicco, 978-934-4944, or Christine Gillette, 978-934-2209,