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August Sources of the Month

UMass Lowell Experts Assist Print, Radio and TV Journalists

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UMass Lowell faculty experts serve as authoritative sources for print, broadcast and online journalists.


Print, radio and TV journalists in need of experts will find engaging and authoritative sources in UMass Lowell’s world-class faculty, researchers and scholars. Experts are available in person, by phone or email to discuss topics in the news in a range of fields, from science and engineering, business and education to the social sciences and humanities. TV options include live interviews in person or via ReadyCam by VideoLink. 

This month’s hot topics and featured sources are: 

Solar eclipse – UMass Lowell astronomer Silas Laycock can discuss the Aug. 21 event, including how to safely view it and why it is important to scientists. UMass Lowell faculty and students from the Lowell Center for Space Science and Technology will be located across the U.S. to conduct research as the eclipse unfolds that will examine the dramatic effect that solar weather has on everything from satellites to cellphones. The data will be used for a variety of purposes, including in Laycock’s “Astronomy Roadshow” in K-12 schools to inspire young people pursue careers in science.    

Back-to-school transitions – Before the new school year’s opening bell, parents will be looking for ways to help ensure their children – whether starting kindergarten or heading off to college – can make the most of their education. Family and relationship expert Doreen Arcus can offer insight on how adults can support students, particularly young people facing educational challenges including autism, yet avoid the trap of becoming “helicopter parents.” A UMass Lowell psychology professor, Arcus pioneered research on nature-vs.-nurture parenting styles and teaches child development.

Healthy school lunchesChildhood nutrition specialist Mary Kate Keyes, a licensed dietitian and UMass Lowell professor, can recommend healthy options for students’ school lunches, how to pack food to keep it fresh and ways to avoid foods that trigger allergies. Keyes can also help develop strategies for anyone who wants to choose vegetables over vending machines when planning meals on the go and offer tips on alternatives to snacks with empty calories. 

Fall shopping outlook – It may be summer but retailers are already gearing up for Halloween sales. Retail strategy expert Ying Huang can offer analysis on why stores tie promotions to holidays months in advance, the pressures faced by brick-and-mortar retailers and the competition to win customers’ hearts and wallets. She is a management professor at UMass Lowell. 

For a complete list of UMass Lowell experts by topic, see and click on the menu on the upper left corner of the page. The university’s media relations team is ready to help connect you. Contact Nancy Cicco, 978-934-4944, or Christine Gillette, 978-934-2209,