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UMass President Honors Faculty Public Service


University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson today announced the five recipients of the 2010 President's Public Service Award. The awards are presented annually to faculty members from the University's Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester campuses who have been nominated by the Chancellors of their respective campuses for providing exemplary service to the Commonwealth. This year's honorees, professors W. Richards (Rick) Adrion, Lisa Gonsalves, Marguerite Zarrillo, Doreen Arcus, and Lucy Candib, join 76 other faculty members in receiving the recognition since the awards were established in 1998.

"Through these awards, we celebrate the exemplary work of these faculty members who truly embody the University's ethos of academic excellence and service," said President Jack M. Wilson.

President Wilson added: "As a public university, the University of Massachusetts has a three-fold mission of education, research and public service.  Our educational and research efforts win many plaudits, and deservedly so, but it is probably the case that we do not hear enough about the public service contribution that the University makes to the Commonwealth and its citizens.  So, this is a day to make it known that we take our public service mission very seriously and that we have distinguished faculty members who are working hard and are making a difference in the lives of so many people."

UMass Board of Trustees Chairman Robert J. Manning praised the award winners, noting:  "This is the 13th year for the President's Public Service Award and this year's honorees continue the proud tradition of service that has been established at this University and is essential to its character as a public university. We are proud to recognize them and to claim them as members of the UMass community."

The five recipients were honored today at a luncheon at the University of Massachusetts Club in Boston.

The 2010 President's Public Service Awards winners are:

  • Professor W. Richards (Rick) Adrion, Ph.D., Computer Sciences Department, College of Natural Sciences, UMass Amherst: In recognition for his leadership and achievements, Dr. Adrion is being honored for his role in developing, broadening, expanding and improving computing and information technology activities for students in K through 12 and higher education throughout the Commonwealth.  His dedication to providing access to women and minorities in the field of computer technology and sciences is legendary.  This commitment has been exhibited through his work in establishing the Commonwealth Information Technology Initiative and the Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education.
  • Associate Professor Lisa M. Gonsalves, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction Department, College of Education and Human Development, UMass Boston: 
    Dr. Gonsalves is being honored for her exemplary public service demonstrated through her passionate concern with issues of access and equity in education that profoundly influenced school policies in Boston.  Her work on the Student Assignment Task Force, Teach Next Year and participation on the Superintendent Search Committee are a few examples of Professor Gonsalves' dedication that is continually recognized by school and community officials for the scholarship and professional development she champions.
  • Associate Professor Marguerite L. Zarrillo, Ph.D., Physics Department, College of Engineering, UMass Dartmouth: Dr. Zarrillo is being recognized for her professional expertise and scholarship in traffic engineering and management to benefit local, regional and national transportation providers in planning and operational decisions.  She originated and led the UMass multi-campus faculty collaborative for Intelligent Transportation Systems and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of innovative technologies, efficient maintenance and operational practices to improve existing and future transportation systems.
  • Associate Professor Doreen Arcus, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences, UMass Lowell:  Dr. Arcus is being recognized for her unwavering commitment to our most vulnerable children.  As a developmental psychologist, she has partnered with school systems and organizations to advocate for children with disabilities, and with child welfare agencies to promote the well-being of children in foster care.  Dr. Arcus applies her academic and professional expertise to address children's needs, and inspires her students to enhance their UMass experience by blending academics, research, and service to nurture young lives.
  • Professor Lucy M. Candib, M.D., Family Medicine and Community Health, School of Medicine, UMass Medical School:  Dr. Candib's devotion to family medicine and long-term commitment to her community can be felt every day by learners, patients, and clinicians in Worcester.  For almost four decades, Dr. Candib has served generations of families from many cultures at the Family Health Center of Worcester.  She developed unique community collaborations for open access to exercise for low-income youth and adults.  Widely published on family medicine, health and safety of women and children, and patient empowerment, Dr. Candib advocates for patients to take charge in both health and sickness.

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