Pollution Prevention Experts

By For more information, contact media@uml.edu or 978-934-3224

With today (Sept. 20) marking the start of Pollution Prevention Week, the following University of Massachusetts Lowell faculty members are available to speak to the media as experts on issues of pollution and the environment.



Clifford Bruell, professor of civil/environmental engineering, researches remediation of soil pollution, (978) 934-2284  

Frank Colby, professor of environmental earth and atmospheric sciences, heads meteorology program and focuses on computer models of forecasting, (978) 934-3906

Mark Hines, professor of biological sciences, researches how mercury waste from mining, solid rocket fuel and other toxic substances interact with microbial life in soils and wetland habitats, (978) 934-2867

David Ryan, professor of chemistry, researches accurate measurement of pollutants in the environment through analysis of soils, sediments, water and organisms, such as mussels in Boston Harbor, (978) 934-3698



Michael Ellenbecker, director of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, professor of industrial hygiene, dedicated to the development of techniques to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, (978) 934-3272

Kenneth Geiser, co-director of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, founder of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, internationally recognized expert on environmental law and policy, clean production and sustainable development, (978) 934-3275

Joel Tickner, research professor of work environment, principal investigator at the Lowell Center For Sustainable Production, authority on long-term chemicals policies, epidemiology and the precautionary principle, (978) 934-2981



Rafael Moure-Eraso, chair of work environment, 14 years experience as an industrial hygiene expert, research focuses on risk assessment and the interface between pollution prevention and occupational health, (978) 934-3271

Craig Slatin, professor of health and clinical sciences, expertise in worker health and safety education and training; public health policy and history, (978) 934-3291

David Wegman, dean of the School of Health and Environment, expert in the areas of occupational respiratory disease, musculoskeletal disorders and cancer, serves on committees for the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, (978) 934-3265



Stephen McCarthy, director of the Institute for Plastics Innovation, specializes in research on biodegradable plastics, nanospheres and polymers in medical uses, (978) 934-3467, (978) 934-3417



John Duffy, professor of mechanical engineering, heads solar energy engineering program, leads service learning trips to remote villages in Peruvian Andes to install and teach about photovoltaics, simple water systems and other infrastructure, (978) 934-2968