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UMass Lowell Receives $1.5M Equipment Donation from Rohm and Haas


Lowell, MA -- Rohm and Haas Company has donated a film process line called Stress Free Optical Process (SFO) to the University of Massachusetts Lowell's Institute of Plastics Innovation (IPI). Research faculty and graduate students will be using the equipment to test its validity and explore its marketability for the chemical industry.

Worth $1.5 million, the process creates a special film completely free of stress, an invention pioneered by Rohm and Haas, the company that invented Plexiglas in 1936. Rohm and Haas Company also contributed $50,000 to help support the costs associated with the installation of the equipment.

Based in Philadelphia, Rohm and Haas has a business presence in Massachusetts through its Marlborough-based Shipley Company, which develops and delivers advanced, high-performance specialty materials and breakthrough process technology solutions to leading semiconductor and electronics manufacturers around the world. 

 "Plastic that has no stress doesn't change the refraction of light," says Prof. Stephen McCarthy, director of IPI, "which makes it ideal for monitor screens, high definition television, lap top computers and Palm Pilots since there is less distortion."

"As a technology company committed to innovation, Rohm and Haas Company is pleased to partner with UMass Lowell and to have the opportunity to donate this technology," said Reginald Taylor, director of licensing for Rohm and Haas. "UMass is one of the nation's leading institutions in the field of plastics engineering, having both a history of working with the chemical industry and the facilities to accommodate the equipment needed to conduct the research." 

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