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UMass Lowell Author Releases Latest Crime Novel


LOWELL- UMass Lowell English Professor David Daniel is a big believer in the adage "write what you know."

    So for his latest mystery novel White Rabbit-now available in bookstores-the Westford author spent hours listening to old records from the late 1960s, trying to re-emerge himself the mood and sentiment of the flower power era.

    "Those songs helped me get in the mind frame to write the book. But I'm sure my wife got pretty sick of that style of music," said Daniels.

    Published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Minotaur, White Rabbit chronicles the story of homicide inspector John Sparrow who is tracking The Death Tripper, a serial killer on the loose in San Francisco in 1967. Sparrow meets Amy Cole, a writer for an underground weekly, The Rag, and they begin an unlikely collaboration that draws him into the world of free love, music, drugs and other hallmarks of the Hippie movement.

    Daniel has authored or co-authored several novels including Ark, The Tuesday Man, The Skelly Man, Murder at the Baseball Hall of Fame and the award-winning The Heaven Stone. He has also just finished two other mysteries that are part of a series set in Lowell.

    Booklist has called Daniel "an excellent storyteller with a flair for likable characters and fast-paced dialogue."


For more information, contact or 978-934-3224