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UMass Lowell Receives $12 Million Donation from Independent University Alumni Association at Lowell

Funds to support student scholarships

Chancellor Jacquie Moloney speaks at Convocation Photo by Lowell Sun/Julia Malakie
UMass Lowell Convocation for incoming freshmen and returning sophomores. Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney speaks to students.

Lowell Sun
By Alana Melanson

LOWELL — UMass Lowell and the Independent University Alumni Association at Lowell announced this week the organization will donate nearly $12 million to the university to fund student scholarships.

An initial donation of $2.9 million was already made. The funds, donated by alumni of UMass Lowell and its predecessor institutions, have endowed the association’s decades-long scholarship program.

“This gift from the Alumni Association will help make it possible for future generations of students to find an easier path to success,” Chancellor Jacquie Moloney said in a statement. “I can’t thank the association board members enough for taking the initiative to help our students.”

“It is a privilege to work with the IUAAL Board of Directors and the university leadership to make this donation a reality,” IUAAL Executive Director Margaret Shanahan said in a statement. “Every one of these volunteers has given years of service in stewarding the IUAAL funds and supporting the students at UMass Lowell. Their integrity and dedication is inspiring.”

Through an agreement approved by the state Supreme Judicial Court, the association expects to donate close to $12 million for student scholarships.

Moloney and Shanahan praised the decades of alumni who found success after earning their degrees and who decided to help future generations of students do the same.

The university will recognize IUAAL for its generosity at the annual Celebration of Philanthropy during Homecoming Week, Moloney said.