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UMass Lowell Students Mentor Lowell High Counterparts

UMass Lowell Image
Lowell High students and their UMass Lowell mentors.

Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- UMass Lowell students recently spent some time with Latino students from Lowell High School students to discuss their pathway to a college education as part of a mentoring program between the two schools. 

The program was initiated by UMass Lowell students Sophia DeAraujo and Luisanna Crespo. After meeting with the Lowell High School leadership team, including Housemaster Maria Vejar, Social Worker Carla Correa, Student Resource Officer David Pender, Support Specialist Darmory Montoya and Instructor Mike Jarvis, the UML students organized an evening event at UML's Cumnock Hall. 

The program's purpose is to match 10 current UML students with 10 LHS students. The mentoring partnership has three specific goals for this school year: first, to provide a day-to-day connection between the students for support and positive feedback; second, raise expectations about the possibilities of higher education; and third, create opportunities for LHS students to visit the campus and participate in college activities.