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Steering UMass Takes Entrepreneur's Touch

By By Lyle Moran, Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- Like a wheel without a cart, an idea without a market can only limp so far.

As an entrepreneur in information technology in the idea-rich 1990s, Jack Wilson learned that lesson well, and brought it to his role as University of Massachusetts president for the past seven years.

"One of the overarching things I've tried to do is connect the university to the community and to economic development," Wilson said, sitting down with The Sun to reflect on his time as president. "The leadership we have now at each of the campuses knows from day one that we have to be entrepreneurial."

As Wilson steps aside from his post in June to join the faculty at UMass Lowell as a faculty physicist, he leaves an administration and faculty with a culture to build collaborative relationships with local business leaders for the benefit of UMass students.

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