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New Book Helps Districts Recognize Quality Teachers

By From the Nashua Telegraph

A local educator has penned a book that makes the case for National Board Certification as a way to recognize and reward exceptional teaching.

Last month, David Lustick, a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Graduate School of Education, released his book, “Certifiable: Teaching, Learning, and National Board Certification.” The book was published by Rowman & Littlefield.

Lustick, a National Board Certification recipient, argues that as school districts search for ways to differentiate among quality teachers, those who have gone through the National Board Certification process have shown they are typically above average.

Over a two-year period, Lustick interviewed 142 science teachers from 42 states who had gone through the process. For the most part, teachers found that it rejuvenated their practice, he said.

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