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UML Panel Mulls Egypt's Transition

By Ed Hannan, Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- Last month's revolution in Egypt which led to the overthrow of longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak dominated headlines in the U.S. for weeks.

What the handheld video and live broadcasts from Cairo failed to show, however, was how they got there and what happens next, not just in Egypt, but throughout the Middle East.

Last night, UMass Lowell presented "Egypt's Future: Reflections and Dialogue," a panel discussion with university professors who are experts on Middle Eastern politics and culture. The panel debated issues facing Egypt as it transitions to democracy.

"What has happened over the last few weeks is a long time brewing and is now manifesting itself," said professor Paula Rayman, director of UMass Lowell's Center for Middle East Peace, Development and Culture, and moderator of the discussion.

UMass Lowell provost Ahmed Abdelal, who lived in Egypt for 26 years, said corruption, repression and a lack of democracy led to the revolution.

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