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This Project Has Strings Attached

By By Sarah Zimmerman, Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- Rachel Record has been a happy "string kid" since third grade.

"Some kids like TV or books," the 11-year-old said. "But I love the vio- lin. I really believe I'm going to con- tinue because after being intro- duced to all of this new music, all I want to do is play."

Rachel, a student at the Shaughnessy Middle School in Lowell, said the UMass Lowell String Project is a huge part of her life. It even inspired her to consider a career as a conductor or professional player.

This Sunday, the String Project will celebrate 10 years of bringing music to local city youths with a benefit concert in Durgin Hall. The performance will include not only the "string kids" -- third-grade to high-school-level string musicians and participants in the project -- but also the award-winning Harlem Quartet. The Quartet is a group of first-place laureates of the Sphinx Competition, an annual national competition of junior-high to college-age African American and Latino string players.

UMass Lowell professor Kay George Rob-erts, founder and director of the String Project, said she is thrilled to still, 10 years later, be able to make music with her community.

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