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Never Missing a Beat

By By Rachel R. Briere, Lowell Sun

The dawning of October in New England ushers in a number of unique elements setting the region and city apart from the rest of the country. Colorful foliage spreads across the area like a painter's brush peppering the landscape with fiery reds, vibrant oranges and soothing yellows that mesmerize both young and old. There is a crisp fragrance of fresh apples and spicy pumpkins that no store bought scented candle can match. And as tan lines fade, smiles seem to remain as fall is born.

In Lowell, autumn means more than just experiencing Mother Nature's dramatic build to the finale of the end of the year. It signifies the return of the Jack Kerouac Literary Festival. Beginning on Thursday, the Mill City will be littered with events including seminars, readings, talks, tours, concerts and presentations, centered mainly around the Beat Generation icon.

"October is Kerouac's favorite month," said Paul Marion, the executive director of community and cultural affairs at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. "It's a great month for the college crowd. It's a great month in New England. It's a great time of year here in Lowell."

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