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Dylan Heads Back to Mill City

By By Rita Savard, Lowell Sun

Bob Dylan is full of surprises.

For nearly 50 years, he's kept fans and critics on their toes with a chameleon-like personality. The poet troubadour has morphed from a folk-hero political activist to a rock star, to a born-again Christian, and even cut a Christmas album last year.

But fans say throughout all of it, one thing remains constant about Dylan -- an ability to create art that is unforgettable.

Like him or not, Dylan helped shape American music as we know it. And along the way, a visit to Lowell served as some inspiration.

On Nov. 20, Dylan will revisit Lowell for the third time since his Rolling Thunder tour in 1975. Fans who saw Dylan perform 35 years ago at the Costello Gym say seeing the legend live should not be missed.

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