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Drake Electrifies Lowell

By By Lauren Carter, Boston Herald

If you ever want to experience chaos, go to a college campus for a sold-out Drake show that’s been rescheduled from six months prior. Have the arena organized as the free-for-all that is general admission seating, and time it so that Lil Waynes prison release date is nine days away.

Such was the scene last night at an electrified Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell, where Drake performed a 75-minute set, postponed from a date in April, and Lil Wayne was present in every form but the physical.

The pre-Drake festivities began with chants of “Free Weezy” and a medley of Lil Wayne songs that turned the venue into a Weezy-themed dance party. Once Drake took the stage, looking ready to sign up for classes in camouflage cargo pants and a sweatshirt, he referenced Lil Wayne early and often, both during skits and songs such as “Right Above It” and “I’m Goin’ In,” when he implored the crowd to rap Wayne’s verse.

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