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Students Give Medical Care in Honduras

By From the Lowell Sun

By Anthony Geehan

LOWELL -- A group of UMass Lowell students is planning a trip to Honduras this August. But they won't be exploring the countryside of that Central American country.

The campus' inaugural chapter of the Global Medical Brigades is planning its first volunteer trip to Honduras with medical professionals to provide medical supplies and care to one of the 40 communities that the group covers in the country.

"We currently have nine students and one nurse who have committed themselves," said UMass Lowell biology major Michelle Cassim, 21, of Wilmington, who founded the Lowell chapter of the Global Medical Brigades. "I'm hoping approximately 25 students and volunteers from Lowell will be going."

Global Medical Brigades is an international organization made up of more than 50 university clubs and volunteer organizations that provide communities in underprivileged nations with sustainable health care. Nearly 1,000 of the group's volunteers deliver services to Honduras each year.

"This group will be traveling to Honduras for one week," said Cassim. "People in and outside the university can help in several ways to get us there."

Before their trip in August the volunteers will need more supplies and volunteers. Any UMass Lowell students or any medical personnel interested in joining the group in Honduras can contact

The cost of the trip is estimated at $1,300 per volunteer for travel expenses and room and board. Students will be fundraising to help with the costs.
Medication, medical supplies and cash donations can also be donated. If the trip goes well, the group may make it an annual event.

"The purpose of GMB isn't just to provide medical care to an underdeveloped part of the world and move on," said Cassim. "Global Medical Brigades will remain in Honduras for several years before moving on to another community."

For more information on the GMB, visit