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Class of 2008 Awards

By From the Lowell Sun

Academic Achievement Award in Mechanical Engineering: David Champlin (Tyngsboro).

Academic Excellence Award: Sean M. Fleming (Dracut).

Academic Excellence and Service in Criminal Justice: Charles Panek (Dracut).

Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative Fellowship: Thomas M. McKittrick (Lowell).

Allen Scattergood Award: Sarah Wilkey (Lowell).

Alpha Nu Sigma Nuclear Science and Engineering Honor Society Award: Thomas P. Michaud (Dracut).

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Bertram Berger Scholarship: Mena L. Sliman (Chelmsford).

Campus Leadership Award: Sharon Therrien (Chelmsford).

Chancellor's Medal for Distinguished Academic Achievement: Barbara Warren (Littleton).

Chancellor's Medal for Student Service: Melissa Dion (Dracut).

Clinical Practitioner Award: Emily Rene (Lowell).

Community Leadership Award in Psychology: Doeun Kol (Lowell).

Community Service Award in Psychology: Claudia Arrecis (Billerica).

Craig Douglas Undergraduate Research Award: Jacqueline Pelealuw (Lowell).

David E. Shulman Award for Excellence in Computer Science: Ryan M. Buckley (Dracut).

Dean's Award for Graduate Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences: Kristin Palladino (Tewksbury).

Dean's Award for Graduate Health Management and Policy: Karen Lipshires (Tewksbury).

Dean's Award for Undergraduate Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences: Andrea Graham (Littleton).

Dean's Award for Undergraduate Community Health Education: Julianne Brodie (Chelmsford).
Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences: Pulkit Chaudhury (Lowell).

Exercise Physiology: Rebecca Law (Pepperell).

Exercise Physiology Clinical Excellence Award: Meghan Ierardi (Lowell).

Finance Departmental Award: James R. McIsaac (Lowell).

Graduate Dean's Gold Medal for Highest Achievement in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Yui Kan Aiken Pang (Chelmsford).

Graduate Dean's Gold Medal for Highest Achievement in Mechanical Engineering: Adam Grant Butland (Tewksbury).

Graduate Dean's Gold Medal for Highest Achievement in Plastics Engineering: David Lai (Dracut).

Graduate Research Award in Psychology: Kimberley Alina Crandell (Lowell).

Herman J. Shea Award for Outstanding Sophomore in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Dary So (Lowell).

Howard H. Reynolds Award in Chemical Engineering: Ryan P. McMahon (Tyngsboro).

Leadership and Service Award in Criminal Justice: Daniel Gaynor (Tewksbury).

Madonna Schromm Scholarship Award: Charlene Aalerud (Tewksbury).

Management Information Systems Departmental Award: John E. Carlson Jr. (Chelmsford).

Margaret Becklace Award: Joanne Sordillo (Dracut).

Mark Elliot Award for Chemistry: Ji-Sun Im (Lowell).

Marketing Award: Jeremy J. Robichaud (Billerica).

Mechanical Engineering Department Leadership Award: Michael Gagnon (Tyngsboro), Christopher Warren (Littleton).

Mechanical Engineering Department Service Award: Caroline Barreta (Chelmsford), Rafael Castro (Lowell), Michael Gagnon (Tyngsboro).

Meritorious Service Award in Biological Sciences: Dina Kuch (Lowell).

MGP Instrument Corporation Scholarship: Adam Kinsey Boehl (Lowell).

Murphy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Forecasting: John Michael Webster (Lowell).

Nahar Memorial Scholarship: Dary So (Lowell).

National Academy of Nuclear Training Scholarship: Adam Kinsey Boehl (Lowell).

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Bachelor of Liberal Arts: Deirdre Mary Conole (Dracut).

Outstanding Academic Achievement in English: Jacob Oley (Chelmsford), Sarah Wilkey (Lowell).

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Sociology: Katelyn Mello (Lowell).

Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Science Award of Excellence: Andrea M. Lynch (Pepperell).

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Katherine Harrington (Chelmsford).

Outstanding Graduate Student Alan D. and Susan Lewis Solomont Scholarship: He Gao (Dracut), Stacie Hargis (Lowell), Craig R. Thomas (Lowell).

Outstanding Graduate Student for Civil and Environmental Engineering: Rahul Deshpande (Lowell), Ismet Sozenoglu (Lowell).  

Outstanding Graduate Student in Chemistry: Laura Rose Ingalls (Lowell).

Outstanding Graduate Student in Mathematics: Yueping Ma (Lowell).

Outstanding Graduate Student in Nursing: Mary Ellen Cooper (Tewksbury).

Outstanding Graduate Student in Polymer Science: Subhalakshmi Nagarajan (Lowell).

Outstanding Physics Graduate Student: Shivashankar R. Vangala (Lowell).

Outstanding Radiological Sciences Graduate Student: Adam Kinsey Boehl (Lowell).

Outstanding Scholar and Graduating Senior: Pulkit Chaudhury (Lowell).

Outstanding Student Award in Psychology: Barbara Warren (Littleton).

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Criminal Justice: Dale Jean Bursey (Billerica), Efthymia Kyriazidis (Lowell), Kristina Martell (Chelmsford), Mary Ricci (Tewksbury).

Professor Henry Thomas Plastics Design Excellence Award: Mikael Wagner (Ayer).

Professor Russell Ehlers Plastics Processing Excellence Award: Wipoo Sriseubsai (Lowell).

Raymond Normandin Graduate Plastics Materials Excellence Award: Steven Claar (Lowell).

Research Award in Psychology: Nataliya Poto (Lowell).

Rondeau Award for Leadership: Gilbert Nason (Dracut).

Scholarship Award: Su-Jung Tsai (Dracut).

Scholarship Award for Work Environment: Hyun Kim (Lowell).

Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society Inductee: Christopher John Kertyzak (Dunstable).

Undergraduate Dean's Gold Medal for Highest Achievement in Civil and Environmental: Kelly E. Oslin (Littleton).

Valedictorian: Barbara Warren (Littleton).

William E. Haskell Jr. Award for Outstanding Junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Amy E. Musgrave (Chelmsford).

Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Amanda Buckley (Dracut), Michelle D'Auteuil (Dracut), Melissa Dion (Dracut), Rebecca Law (Pepperell), Michael Peeples (Lowell).