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A Little String Music

By From the Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- How do you get to Durgin Hall?

Why, practice, practice, practice, of course.

Lowell schoolchildren showed they know the answer to that question when they performed for friends and family at Durgin Hall on UMass Lowell's South Campus on Sunday. They're participants in the UMass Lowell String Project, a program that offers violin, viola, cello, and bass instruction to elementary students in the Lowell public schools.

This year, about 120 students from 22 elementary and middle schools in Lowell are part of the String Project, in which they attend classes on campus and are taught by Music Department faculty members and undergraduate string majors. Kay George Roberts, who directs the program, initiated the String

String Ensemble member Howie Denton Jr., 11, backstage Project as part of UMass Lowell's community outreach efforts.