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TEAMS effort for local students

By From the Lowell Sun

LOWELL -- More than 270 local students took part recently in the successful launch of the TEAMS (Technology, Engineering and Math-Science) Academy pilot program at UMass Lowell.

TEAMS brought academically accelerated high-school sophomores to campus for a series of sessions taught jointly by UMass Lowell and high-school faculty. The classes offered advanced coursework not available to students at their high schools, tackling topics such as Robotics, Crime Scene Investigation and Math Modeling. The purpose of the pilot is to serve as a test model for a daily, part-time program for local high-school juniors and seniors next fall.

The TEAMS concept is a collaborative effort led by Deans Donald Pierson, Robert Tamarin and John Ting.

"The pilot was extremely successful," said Pierson. "All of the students have indicated that their attitudes toward taking additional classes are much more positive since participating in these sessions."

In the future, the academy will be open to about 30 students who will attend classes on UML's campus daily. The students will have to formally apply to the program, and the intention is for them to earn both high-school and college credit for their work. In addition to the daily academy, there is also a plan to continue with the pilot format for 270 sophomores next year.

Following are local students who participated.

Bedford: Tommy Barkovic, Alex Bradford, Mike Dale, Eric Devaux, Emily Eggert, Abby Finklestein, Stacey Hronowski, Eric Johnson, Miles Lynch, Brendan Maxon and Ryan Paganetti.

Billerica: Austin Arroco, Lauren Barker, David Bettencourt, Katherine Croke, Justin Maillet, Ravi Nair, Dan Pelrine, Patricia Radzikowski, Allison Rugg, Anthony Spencer and Alyssa Young.

Chelmsford: Sarah Baker, Mina Boulos, Timothy Chen, Meghan Coughlin, Michael Crafts, Adrianna Davis, Ben Delikat, Tiffany Diep, Joshua Fee, Brian Fenno, Evan Fiore, Linda Gao, Michael Harradon, Michael Harris, Anita Kandregula, Caleb Klick, Michelle Labonte, Connie Li, Jennifer Mann, Abby Matthews, Matthew Modica, Michael Montuori, Sean Murphy, John O'Keefe, Alyssa Piper, Noelle Polce, Chris Starkey and Michael Turchinetz.

Dracut: Ryan Adie, Nick Boever, Laura Capadano, Greg Curley, Bianca Gaillardetz, Daniella Garcia, Leah Goddard, Nicole Isabelle, Heather Hodges, Corey Maguire, Kenzy McIntyre, Michelle Morrocco, Sylvia Odiana, John O'Shea, Taylor Reagan, Steven Reardon, Chris Smith, Pete Trearchis, Kyle Tweed, Chris White.

Littleton: Chris Ardnt, Jeff Bair, Ian McDougall, Gretchen Scheminger, Angell Shi and Erin Webster.

Lowell: Warren Anderson, Laura Ardilla, Suny Bhagat, Bryan Callahan, Alexander Chea, Elizabeth Cheung, Melissa Cruz, Anny B. Din, Derek Ford, Megan Hadley, He Hua, Simon Londono, Mathi Lovan, Adam McPhillips, Jessica Nokham, Sophornna Nuon, Nicholas Palladino, Darshen Patel, Chanda Phal, Terrance Shephard, Linda Son, Raksa Son, Yanan Sui, Kenson Toussaint, Adelene Tuiyot, Puthavy Uch, Michael Vixamar, Ashley Witts, Veriek Yaing, Chirag Zaveri and Shuyne Zhou.

Tewksbury: Lisa Baumael, Adele Boudreau, Lindsey Bowden, Michael Cooney, Shawn Corbett, Kaitlin Hanley, Jessica Joyce, Michelle Layne, Megan Luppi, Kelsey McLaughlin, Caitlin Scopa, Dhiren Shah, David Theisen and Alice Zottoli.

Tyngsboro: Zachary Durand, Allison Fidler, Taylor Gendron, Brittany Goodman, Christina Le, Kelley Smolinski and Stephanie Solla.