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Best wishes, Chancellor Hogan

By From the Lowell Sun

Recently retired Chancellor William Hogan, known as the "father of UMass Lowell," served the university, the region and his students well during his 43-year tenure. He deserves a relaxing retirement, but his presence will be greatly missed on campus.

Hogan had a tremendous influence on the university and throughout Greater Lowell. By always staying ahead of the education and business curves, he made UMass Lowell competitive on a national level.

Three decades ago, Hogan helped supervise the merging of Lowell Tech with Lowell State College to create the University of Lowell. He was the school's first vice president of academic affairs and served as its president for a decade. When ULowell joined the UMass system in 1991, Hogan was appointed chancellor. It proved to be a wise choice.

Three years ago, Hogan initiated a 10-year plan to improve the way the faculty teaches and the students learn. This year, despite knowing he would soon announce his retirement, Hogan helped develop a plan for a $266 million renovation of the university's three campuses. The ambitious plan is designed to transform UMass Lowell into a bio- and nano-technology research and development center.

The university's proposal aims to usher in a new era of manufacturing for the region, one that will eventually require thousands of technically skilled employees and help halt the steady stream of residents flowing from the Bay State. Hogan realized this is the most viable strategy to create a substantial number of jobs for the region.

His work at the university has made an enormous difference in the lives of thousands of families and may well prove the economic savior of not only the region, but the state.

In praising Hogan, Jean MacCormack, chancellor at UMass Dartmouth, quoted William Butler Yeats saying, "Education is not about filling a pail, but lighting a fire." Hogan remained steadfast in his devotion to tending that fire for 43 years. Few can claim such a distinguished and accomplished career.

We wish him a healthy and happy retirement.