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Diversity Grant Announcement For FY 2003


The Council on Diversity and Pluralism is pleased to announce its intention to fund approximately 15 grant proposals from faculty, staff and students during the academic year 2002-2003.  The Council is interested in funding programs or activities that assist the University in addressing issues relating to race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other aspects of diversity.

Extending work of the council begun this year related to the impact of September 11th, priority for funding will include, but is not limited to:

  • Faculty, faculty-staff, student or staff-student research and action projects investigating precursors of and alternatives to local, national, and global violence; exploring interconnections of oppression and privilege; or dialoguing across inter- and intra-group differences,

  • Departmental initiated staff development related to diversity issues in general or the above themes.

Opportunities for funding will be opened in the following three areas:

  • Up to 10 grants not exceeding $1,500 each, for the development of curriculum or instructional materials for courses and research papers that address diversity issues in education, at the workplace or in communities,

  • Up to 6 grants not exceeding $1,000 each, for staff and student activities, and

  • Up to 8 grants not exceeding $1,000 each, for collaboration with/outreach to schools and communities.

Actual funding of programs will depend on availability of funds.  The Council reserves the right to make changes in the amount and the number of grants to be funded, when its FY 2003 budget is finalized.

Calendar for July 2002-June 2003 Projects

Requests for proposal (RFP) packets will be available April 16, 2002.

Deadline for submission of applications is May 6, 2002.

Grant awards will be announced by July 1, 2002.

Funded programs must be completed by May 1, 2003.*

* PeopleSoft conversion requirement

RFP Packets are available:

From the Center’s Web site at, by e-mail (send request to  by picking one up at the Center for Diversity & Pluralism in Alumni Hall, Room B2 (Please call x4342 to be sure the office is open).

For more information, call ext. 4342 or e-mail