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UMass-Lowell gets the go-ahead for master’s program in sound recording

By From Mass High Tech

The National Association of Schools of Music has given approval for the University of Massachusetts at Lowell to begin awarding the nation’s first master’s degree in music in sound recording technology starting in fall 2005.

Music professor and department chairman William Moylan said the two-year degree program, which has been in the works for several years, will provide students a much more sophisticated background in production work.

“The SRT master’s is designed to place people in mid- to upper-level positions as senior audio engineers and researchers,” Moylan said. “Our students will be terrifically valuable to companies that design and develop products.”

Students will be able to select from two tracks: advanced production and technical. Their projects will include a spectrum of activities, from engineering a movie soundtrack to evaluating the design of new sound technology.

Moylan expects applicants to represent a cross section from SRT majors fresh out of college to working professionals looking to upgrade their industry knowledge.

“We’re in an industry where technology can have a complete turnaround in five to 10 years,” Moylan explained. “It can change dramatically, necessitating significant retraining.”

Program faculty, which includes Moylan and professors John Shirley and Alex Case, is looking to develop strong relationships with industry companies that manufacture equipment such as loudspeakers and mixing consoles, or perform multimedia production to sup-
port assistantships and provide other resources.

For more information visit www.uml .edu/Dept/Music/SRT/.