UMass Lowell Releases Childhood Cancer Study


Lowellߞ;Toxic chemicals can cause cancer in children, according to evidence analyzed in a new report on childhood cancer in Massachusetts released at a press conference today. The report was prepared by researchers at the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production under contract with the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow.


The authors conclude that there is strong evidence that certain chemicals, such as pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals and certain industrial by-products can cause cancer in children, particularly leukemia, brain and central nervous system cancers. This means that a potentially large percentage of childhood cancers is preventable.


The report also finds higher rates of cancer among African American and Latino children in Massachusetts than among other groups.


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Childhood Cancer
Childhood cancer is the second largest cause of death among children. A new report says many of these cancers are caused by exposure to toxins in the environment.

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