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UMass Lowell forum focuses on health issues

By Used with permission from the Lowell Sun Online. By SUSAN McMAHON Sun Staff

LOWELL From technology in health care to asthma in Head Start children, a multitude of topics surrounding the concept of public health will be discussed at an upcoming UMass Lowell conference.

The event, entitled "Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development: Supporting Public Health and a Healthy Society," will be held on Nov. 7 through Nov. 9 in the Wannalancit Mills. Speakers will focus on topics surrounding public health, including asthma, workplace injury, youth violence, and health care.

The keynote speaker will be David M. Ozonoff, chair of environmental health at Boston University.

The event, sponsored by the university's Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment, is the sixth CITA annual conference being held at the university. The committee, founded in 1993, is an interdisciplinary organization charged with understanding the process of regional development.

Public health plays a vital role in such development, experts say.

The conference will draw together representatives from the public, environmental and occupational health fields, as well as community representatives, in an effort to find creative ways to enhance the health of society, "at a time when the economy, health care and the public health face unprecedented crisis," according to the conference's brochure.

To register, contact conference coordinator Nancy Hodge at (978) 934-2897, or consult CITA's website,