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RESD Series Gets Under Way with Robert Halpin


The Regional Economic and Social Development Seminar Series begins on Monday, September 17 at noon in the Seminar Room 500M, O’Leary Library. A buffet lunch is available at the seminar. The opening speaker, Robert Halpin, President, Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council (MVEDC), will speak on “Sustainable Growth and Prosperity in the Merrimack Valley.”

The MVEDC is an organization aimed at bringing together leaders in both the
public and private sectors from communities across the Merrimack Valley. Bob
will be speaking on its accomplishments and challenges as it promotes collaborative efforts among the 21 cities and towns bordering on the Merrimack River. Recent MVEDC reports have highlighted transportation, economic changes, prospects for smart growth and the role of the river in the Merrimack Valley. For information on the MVEDC, see

Mr. Halpin’s presentation will include a special focus on both workforce development initiatives and efforts to foster development at brownfield sites. Halpin has broad experience in state and municipal affairs in Massachusetts, serving as Town Manager in two Merrimack Valley communities and chaired the Mass. Municipal Association’s Labor Policy Committee.

The next seminar will feature William Lazonick, University Professor, RESD, UMass Lowell speaking on "The Stock Market and Innovative Capabilities in the 'New Economy'," Monday, September 24.

For more information, contact Rick Sherburne in Communication & Marketing,