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“Crash at Noon,” Students Kick Off Alcohol Awareness Week with a Mock Traffic Accident


When: Noon, Monday, Oct. 22

Where: Broadway near Wilder Street


The Residence Life Association at UMass Lowell is hosting a series of events in honor of Alcohol Awareness week. On Monday, Oct. 22, there will be a “Crash at Noon” on Broadway Street, South Campus. The staged traffic accident unveils two smashed vehicles donated by Kazarigian’s Garage and involves respondents from the University Police Department, Lowell Fire Department, and O'Donnel's Funeral Home. Various students play the parts of accident victims.

The purpose of the mock crash, says organizer Emily Neal, is to raise student awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. “I saw a mock crash when I was first a student here,” says Neal, who is a graduate student in community social psychology. “It made such an impression on me that I’ve been looking for an opportunity ever since to stage another one.” Neal is a member of the Healthy Lifestyles Committee, which is sponsoring the crash. She is resident director of Concordia Hall, one of the seven UMass Lowell residence halls.
Each residence hall is sponsoring an event during Alcohol Awareness Week. On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Smith Hall will host “A No Nonsense Approach” at which an emergency responder and a University police officer will describe alcohol related incidents they have seen.

Several residence halls will sponsor events at which students can drive a golf cart while wearing “beer goggles,” which simulate driving under the influence. Other halls will host parties which serve “mocktails” as an alternative to alcoholic beverages. A barbecue at Concordia Hall from 10 p.m. to midnight on October 25th will provide an alternative to an alcohol-centered Thursday evening.