Lecture Series

What is the MaCIE Lecture Series?

The MaCIE Lecture Series Program assists member institutions to build an internationally-oriented campus by sharing international expertise. These guest lecturers will address groups or classes, offer seminars, and generally present information that might be important in internationalizing the campus.

This program allows member institutions to request a lecturer to visit the campus, to give a lecture and/or be a resource related to international education.

Objectives of the MaCIE Lecturer Program:
  • To share resources among the 29 MaCIE institutions
  • To promote international education
  • To bring an international perspective to faculty and students
  • To promote the international expertise of participating faculty and staff as lecturers
How can you apply to be a MaCIE Lecturer?

If you represent a participating MaCIE institution, you can apply as a lecturer. The MaCIE Lecture Series Committee will select speakers for the academic year.

How can you apply to host a MaCIE Lecturer?

If you are interested in hosting a MaCIE lecturer, please Heather Daly at hdaly@fitchburgstate.edu.

The MaCIE Lecture Series Committee will then select host institutions for the academic year.

Suggested activities for the MaCIE Lecturer:
  • Facilitate lectures in groups, classrooms, departments, or university-wide related to international education.
  • Provide information sharing on program development, international exchanges, foreign student recruitment, curriculum development, and grant opportunities.
Responsibilities of the host institutions:
  • Host institutions wishing to invite a MaCIE Lecturer will develop a plan and make all arrangements.
  • Host institutions will schedule the visit of the MaCIE Lecturer.
  • Host institutions will communicate the plan to the lecturer well in advance.
  • Host institutions will publicize the event, arrange a reception, provide IT support as needed, serve as host of the event and arrange for a class or classes to attend the lecture.
  • Host institutions are asked to provide a $100 honorarium to the lecturer. MaCIE will provide $200 to the lecturer.
  • Host institutions will facilitate an evaluation of the visit and submit it to the MaCIE Lecture Committee.