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Activities & Publications


  • Annual conference - Each year in November, MaCIE sponsors an annual conference on international education on one of the MaCIE campuses.
  • Student & faculty exchange - MaCIE promotes and encourages the sharing of student and faculty exchange opportunities abroad.
  • Special topic workshops - Every spring MaCIE sponsors a special topic workshop on issues such as "Financial Aid for Study Abroad Students", "Integration of the International Student into College and Community", "Mainstreaming the ESL Student" and "Using the Internet to Strengthen International Education."
  • Website - The MaCIE website features the list of MaCIE institutions with links to the websites of members, as well as other information. By linking to the websites of MaCIE institutions, the MaCIE website offers access to the most up-to-date international programs information available on the internet for the 29 Massachusetts state colleges and universities, community colleges and universities and promotes international opportunities which are affordable and accessible to our students, faculty and staff.
  • Lecture Series - Each fall MaCIE invites applications from faculty and staff of the member institutions to serve as a special lecturer during the spring on two other MaCIE campuses. The goal of this program is to assist in building an internationally-oriented campus by providing qualified lecturers.
  • Networking - Many networking opportunities are available through the various activities of MaCIE: the annual conference, workshops and committees of the Board, as well as the annual retreat in February. For more information, contact your Board member or the MaCIE Secretariat.
  • Special Projects - Member institutions collaborate on special projects as they arise.