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Global Entrepreneurship Webinars

The Jack M. Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship and IUCEE webinars focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation

The Jack M. Wilson Center is collaborating with the Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education for an exciting webinar series which focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and education. In 2019, we conducted 11 webinars covering basic entrepreneurship teaching to use of Big Data and Social Media as tools for entrepreneurs. We have been very encouraged with the attendance and feedback received from participants. We will continue the Series in Spring 2020.

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Webinar Schedule Spring 2020

View our webinar recordings.

TopicDate (to be confirmed)Presenter

Art-Engineering Programs Collaboration: Optimizing training opportunities for collaborative product development and commercializationMarch 25David O. Olawale, Ph.D., PMP Assistant Professor R.B. Annis School of Engineering, University of Indianapolis
Combining Engineering Design and Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning: Teaching Entrepreneurship to STEM StudentsApril 1David O. Olawale, Ph.D., PMP Assistant Professor R.B. Annis School of Engineering, University of Indianapolis
Social EntrepreneurshipApril 15Sunny Li and Peiyi Jia
New Venture Financing in the Emerging Artificial Intelligence TechnologyApril 29Roberto Santos
Entrepreneurship Team Building and ManagementMay 13Michael Ciuchta
CRM: Teaching Entrepreneurs to acquire, retain, and grow customersMay 27Tony Gao
Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Capstone: A Case StudyJune 10Ashwin Mehta, William Yelle, and John Palma, Ph.D.       
Entrepreneurship and EthicsOctober 14Erica Steckler and Elise Magnant
Corporate EntrepreneurshipTBD
Entrepreneurship for CreativesTBDAlice Loy, Ph.D., and CEO Co-founder of Creative Startups (New Mexico)
SME EntrepreneurshipTBD
Supply Chain Innovation and EntrepreneurshipTBDThomas Fernandez, Ph.D., University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok
Marketing Innovation and EntrepreneurshipTBD
Entrepreneurship CultureTBD

Webinars On Demand

If you can't attend the live webinar, recordings of the webinars are available to watch on demand, see below.

Topic: Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Capstone: A Case Study

This webinar discussed UMass Lowell experience in developing and implementing a Business-STEM Capstone course. In 2015, UMass Lowell Manning School of Business and the Francis College of Engineering launched a pilot of a multidisciplinary capstone course for their students. This course is now offered each semester to Business Seniors and Engineering Juniors/Seniors. This webinar discussed the course evolution, current status, student testimonials and recommendations to develop such a multidisciplinary course. It discussed importance of such a joint multidisciplinary entrepreneurship capstone course and challenges in developing and making it a standard offer. The webinar also addressed the importance of an entrepreneurship ecosystem that complements academic programs.

Topic: CRM: Teaching Students how to Acquire, Retain and Grow Customers

In this webinar, the speaker discussed key functions of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, the major industry players, and the key CRM products from Salesforce.

A CRM tool is an important asset for an entrepreneur to create a longer lasting relationship with their customers; webinar touched on key functions such as sales, marketing and service, as well as how to teach entrepreneurship students.

Topic: Entrepreneurship Team Building and Management

In this webinar Michael Ciuchta, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Manning School of Business discusses his research and class practices on how to create a venture, how to select, how to establish roles & responsibilities, equity and compensation and many other very relevant topics.

An Entrepreneurship team is considered to be the most critical factor in successfully launching, building and growing a venture.

Team functional and social considerations affect largely as an entrepreneur is ready to pursue their ideas.

Topic: New Venture Financing in Emerging AI Technology

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive economic growth and improve quality of life has ushered in a new AI arms race. Investments of risk capital fuel this emerging technology.

In this webinar, the presenter discusses the role that venture capital (VC) and corporate investments of risk capital play in the emergence of AI-related technologies.

Furthermore, he discusses how a new measure of firm-level knowledge coupling can be used to explore how knowledge coupling influences VC risk capital decisions in emerging AI technologies. The presenter discussing his research in this area, observes that knowledge coupling is a better predictor of VC investment in emerging technologies than the breadth of a patent’s technological domains.

He further concludes from his research that there are differences in knowledge coupling between private start-ups and public corporations. These findings enhance our understanding of what types of AI innovations are more likely to be selected by VCs and have important implications for our understanding of how risk capital induces the emergence of new technologies.

Topic: Teaching Social Entrepreneurship: Encouraging Students to Address Social Challenges

This webinar discussed a very interesting topic of Social Entrepreneurship, over 280 attendees from many countries attended the webinar. Presenters discussed significant growth in social entrepreneurship activities around the globe, followed by presentation of new significant scholarly research and how to teach social innovation and entrepreneurship. The Webinar discussed how to use business model generation & canvas, design thinking, social value generation, and story-telling in social entrepreneurship. It further discussed how STEM students can think about solving social and environmental problems through design thinking, especially on empathizing from the stories and iterating in prototype. The COVID-19 pandemic today further calls us to have “a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty” (Banerjee and Duflo, 2011).

Topic: Combining Engineering Design and Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning: Teaching Entrepreneurship to STEM Students

This webinar presented a case study of how to create an Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) in engineering students. EM has been defined as the set of attitudes, skills, and behaviors needed by students to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. It is the ability to see opportunities, marshal resources, and create value which are of high demand in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset requires a combination of critical developmental experiences and a well-coordinated combination of personal reflection, peer support, and expert mentoring. The webinar provided an overview of an approach incorporating these key elements, to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering undergraduate students through a two-semester design lab course.

Topic: Art -Engineering Collaboration: Enhancing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This webinar resented a case study of how Arts and Engineering students collaborate to develop new ventures. While STEM students and graduates can be very proficient in developing technological systems, they are often limited in their abilities to successfully convert these inventions into innovative products that are commercially successful through entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurial activities require teamwork as well as the ability to work with both internal and external team members who are not in the engineering or scientific fields. In order to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of STEM students and graduates, it therefore becomes imperative to create entrepreneurial opportunities for them to work with teams from different but critical disciplines like the art and business. Presenters discussed their approach to creating a collaborative class between Arts and Engineering students. Arts students served as “consultants” to engineering students in developing communication and promotion strategies.

Topic: Social Media: Creating New Possibilities for Entrepreneurs

This webinar discussed how different social media platforms have evolved in last 20 years and revolutionized marketing across all industries. It’s an understatement to say that social media is an essential staple of marketing communications in 2019. For many companies, the obvious strategy is to be on all available platforms, yet this is not always the most cost effective nor cost efficient strategy; it is often more strategic to create the right content for the right market on the right platform. This webinar provided a basic primer to social interaction on social networks, to social media business strategies, and to the core differentiating features of common social media platforms.

Watch the Social Media: Creating New Possibilities for Entrepreneurs webinar.

Topic: Biomimicry: New ways to Foster Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This webinar discussed how entrepreneurs are using creative and new approaches, such as, Biomimicry. The presenter discussed this emerging discipline, provided a way of looking to nature for design inspiration and problem-solving to create breakthrough and sustainable solutions. The discussion highlighted how innovations are happening across multiple disciplines and industries from architecture, engineering to social innovation using nature’s models and strategies. It also gave suggestions on how entrepreneurship and innovation teachers can use in the classroom to motivate students to go beyond traditional thinking.

Watch the Biomimicry: New ways to Foster Innovation & Entrepreneurship webinar.

Topic: Big Data and Business Analytics

In the recent decades, we have observed an explosion of electronic data that is generated and collected by individuals, business organizations, and governments. The amount of data in the world increases exponentially each year. This rapid growth in data has created the problem of data overload. The technology to analyze and interpret massive data has lagged behind the technology to collect and store data. There has been an urgent need for new data analytics techniques and tools that can extract useful information and knowledge from the mountains of data for managerial decision-making. This webinar discusses Big Data and Business Analytics and how it is taught in our MS in Business Analytics program at the Manning School.

Watch the Big Data and Business Analytics webinar.

Topic: Crowd Funding: Research and Practices

Michael Ciuchta Associate Professor Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Department at University of Massachusetts Lowell discussed importance of crowd funding to a startup entrepreneur, what are trends and how he teaches this topic in his class.

Watch the Crowd Funding: Research and Practices webinar.

Topic: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at KLE India

Nitin Kulkarni Director of CTIE KLE Technological University Hubli India discussed a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem established at their university. It has become a model for universities in India to develop such ecosystem on their campuses.

Watch the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at KLE India webinar.

Topic: Technological Entrepreneurship: Trends and Teaching

This webinar discussed importance of learning and latest trends in technological entrepreneurship. Due to an explosive growth in tech-based entrepreneurship, teaching it becomes a very critical task for any educator. Based on his vast experience as an entrepreneur and an educator, Wilson provided a very interesting discussion.

Watch the Technological Entrepreneurship: Trends and Teaching webinar.

Topic: Case Study: UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hubs & Venture Incubators

Presenter: Thomas O'Donnell

This webinar explored best practices in the planning, operations and strategic management of innovation hubs and venture incubators. It touched on key milestones in successful operations from early strategic planning considerations, fundraising & resource development, initial launch & ramp up and ongoing operations & expansion. The webinar emphasized important elements to successful incubator operations including development of a sustainable financial model, marketing & outreach to key stakeholders (including members, partners, sponsors and community supporters), program & event planning and overall management of community & stakeholder relationships.

Watch the Case Study UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hubs & Venture Incubators webinar.

Topic: Case Study: Student Idea Contest, an Integral Part of Entrepreneurship Education & Ecosystem

Presenters: Holly Butler, Ha Pho

This webinar discussed methods and materials used to develop and deploy a student entrepreneurship program across campus. DifferenceMaker® is a UMass Lowell campus-wide program that engages students of all majors and disciplines in creative problem-solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Since inception in 2012, over 30,000 students have participated in DifferenceMaker activities and programs. These activities include freshman orientation, college-based competitions, the $50,000 Idea Challenge, a Mentor Program, Boot Camp, and more. The webinar discussed best practices for deploying DifferenceMaker on any campus.

Watch the Case Study: Student Idea Contest, an Integral Part of Entrepreneurship Education & Ecosystem webinar.

Topic: Global Entrepreneurship Exchange: Expanding Young Minds to Solve Small and Big Problems

Presenters: Professor Yi Yang, Professor Michael Ciuchta, Professor Sun Li, Professor Ashwin Mehta

This webinar introduced University of Massachusetts Lowell's strategic academic program, Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2). Discussions included its major components: total immersive multicultural & interdisciplinary workshops, faculty training, and improving students' experiences. It introduced entrepreneurship education, curriculum, pedagogy, and co-curricular activities.

Watch the Global Entrepreneurship Exchange: Expanding Young Minds to Solve Small and Big Problems webinar.

Topic: Teaching Entrepreneurship: Developing Curious and Questioning Minds

Presenters: Professor Yi Yang, Professor Michael Ciuchta, Professor Sun Li, Professor Ashwin Mehta

This webinar discussed UMass Lowell's approach to educating young minds. Specifically, it discussed what we teach, how we engage students, and how we implement experiential learning.

Wacth the Teaching Entrepreneurship: Developing Curious and Questioning Minds webinar.

Topic: Case Study: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Presenter: Professor Steven Tello

This Webinar discusses the roles played by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Middlesex Community College, the Deshpande Foundation and other civic, business and community partners in supporting the emergence of a sustainable, entrepreneurial ecosystem in the postindustrial mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts. We consider the challenges faced in attracting entrepreneurs, talent and capital to a multi-ethnic city recovering from the Great Recession of 2008, while the entrepreneurial tech hub of Boston was beginning to boom only 40 miles south of Lowell.

Wacth the Case Study: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem webinar.