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Global Entrepreneurship Webinars

The Jack M. Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship and IUCEE webinars focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation

The Jack M. Wilson Center is collaborating with the Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education for an exciting webinar series which focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and education.

Upcoming Webinars - Each month, new live webinars will be held. The link to RSVP to the current month's webinar will be available under upcoming webinars, see below.

Webinars On Demand - If you can't attend the live webinar, recordings of the webinar will be posted under webinars on demand, see below.

Upcoming Webinars

Topic: Technological Entrepreneurship: Research and Practices
RSVP: Contact Ashwin Mehta by email: for more information.

Webinars On Demand

Recordings of the webinars are available to watch on demand.

Topic: Case Study: UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hubs & Venture Incubators

This webinar explored best practices in the planning, operations and strategic management of innovation hubs and venture incubators. It touched on key milestones in successful operations from early strategic planning considerations, fundraising & resource development, initial launch & ramp up and ongoing operations & expansion. The webinar emphasized important elements to successful incubator operations including development of a sustainable financial model, marketing & outreach to key stakeholders (including members, partners, sponsors and community supporters), program & event planning and overall management of community & stakeholder relationships.

Watch the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub - Incubator 

Topic: Case Study: Student Idea Contest, an Integral Part of Entrepreneurship Education & Ecosystem

This webinar discussed methods and materials used to develop and deploy a student entrepreneurship program across campus. DifferenceMaker® is a UMass Lowell campus-wide program that engages students of all majors and disciplines in creative problem-solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Since inception in 2012, over 30,000 students have participated in DifferenceMaker activities and programs. These activities include freshman orientation, college-based competitions, the $50,000 Idea Challenge, a Mentor Program, Boot Camp, and more.  The webinar discussed best practices for deploying DifferenceMaker on any campus.

Watch the DifferenceMaker-Student Idea Contests

Topic: Global Entrepreneurship Exchange: Expanding Young Minds to Solve Small and Big Problems

This webinar introduced University of Massachusetts Lowell's strategic academic program, Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2). Discussions included its major components: total immersive multicultural & interdisciplinary workshops, faculty training, and improving students' experiences. It introduced entrepreneurship education, curriculum, pedagogy, and co-curricular activities.

Watch the Global Entrepreneurship Exchange

Topic: Teaching Entrepreneurship: Developing Curious and Questioning Minds

This webinar discussed UMass Lowell's approach to educating young minds. Specifically, it discussed what we teach, how we engage students, and how we implement experiential learning.

Watch the Teaching Entrepreneurship

Topic: Case Study: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

This Webinar will discuss the roles played by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Middlesex Community College, the Deshpande Foundation and other civic, business and community partners in supporting the emergence of a sustainable, entrepreneurial ecosystem in the postindustrial mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts. We consider the challenges faced in attracting entrepreneurs, talent and capital to a multi-ethnic city recovering from the Great Recession of 2008, while the entrepreneurial tech hub of Boston was beginning to boom only 40 miles south of Lowell. 

Watch the Case Study