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Application for Global Entrepreneurship Program

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Base Cost[1]: Please check with your institution’s contact for specific information. The Base Cost applies to international students and includes local transportation, housing, meals and program fee. Local transportation to and from Logan International Airport will be covered. Air travel, non-local U.S. travel and other incidental expenses are not in included in the base cost.

[1]applies to International students attending Lowell sessions

Tuition Fee for 3 Credits:
Undergraduate (3 cr.): $1,020
Graduate (3 cr.): $1,710

Statement of Purpose
Attach a one-page, typed Statement of Purpose describing why you wish to participate in this program and how it relates to your academic plan, personal goals and career goals.

Please tell us about yourself

Have you taken any courses related to entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.?
Do you have an idea that you would like to work on during the Program?
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