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Sherre Strickland

Sherre Strickland
Dr. Sherre StricklandAssociate Professor Emeritus
  • College
    Manning School of Business
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  • Office
    Pulichino Tong Business Center - 314
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Research Interests

Systems, Financial and Managerial Accounting

Primary research interests include accounting education and financial reporting. She is published in such journals as Journal of Accountancy, Issues in Accounting Education, Internal Auditor, Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly, Woman CPA and The Ohio CPA Journal.


  • Ph D: Accounting, (1981), Texas A & M University - College Station, TX
    Supporting Area: Finance
  • MBA: General Business, (1972), Lamar University - Beaumont, TX
  • BBA: Accounting, (1971), Lamar University - Beaumont, TX

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Assessment Faculty Fellow - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Distinguished Research Award (2010), Scholarship/Research - Allied Academics International Conference

Selected Publications

  • Joseph, G., George, A., Strickland, S. (2015). Perspectives on Information Literacy in the Accounting Curriculum. Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations, 16 89–111.
  • Bouges, J.C., Strickland, S. (2014). Does disclosure then recognition equal recognition then disclosure: Evidence from SFAS No. 158. Mustang Journal of Accounting and Finance, 6 35.
  • Peary, E., Karim, K., Suh, S., Strickland, S., Carter, C.P. (2014). An examination of relationships among internal control weakness, audit fees, and auditor changes. Internal Auditing, 29(1) 17-21.
  • Peary, E., Karim, K., Suh, S., Strickland, S., Carter, C.P. (2013). An Examination of SOX’s Impact on Internal Control Weaknesses. Internal Auditing.
  • Latif, S., Strickland, S., Yang, Y. (2011). Earnings management: The case of sudden CEO death. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 15(2) 39-58.
  • Carter, C., Carter, K.M., Strickland, S. (2006). Stock Repurchases Effects on Earnings Per Share. National Accounting Journal, 8(2) 31-42.
  • Carter, C.P., Hamer, J.G., Monahan, J.P., Strickland, S. (2001). Income volatility in the petroleum refining industry: Evidence from comprehensive income reporting. Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly, 49(3) 653-664.
  • Kistler, L.H., Strickland, S. (1997). Instructional Case: MicroClone Inc. Issues in Accounting Education, 12(2) 427.
  • Strickland, S., Powell, N.C., Hamer, J.G. (1996). The potential impact of SFAS No. 123 - Accounting for Stock-based Compensation - for oil & gas firms. Oil & Gas Tax Quarterly, 45(2) 381-394.
  • Verreault, K.M., Strickland, S. (1996). Why should you care? Business Credit, 98(8) 22.
  • Burnaby, P.A., Powell, N.C., Strickland, S. (1994). Internal auditing internationally: Another step toward global harmonization. Internal Auditing, 9(3) 38.
  • Powell, N.C., Strickland, S., Burnaby, P.A. (1992). Internal auditing: The emergence of an international profession? Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 1(2) 209-228.

Selected Presentations

  • What took So Long for Wells Fargo's Fraud to be Discovered? - Forensic Accounting Section, February 2017
  • Assessment of Information Literacy Ð Incorporating Information Literacy Assessment into the Accounting Curriculum Aligned with AACSB Accreditation Criteria - First Annual Faculty Development Conference, April 2010 - Lowell, MA
  • Assessment of Information Literacy – Incorporating Information Literacy Assessment into the Accounting Curriculum - First Annual Faculty Development Conference, April 2010

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Assessment Fellow (2009), Fellowship - UMASS Lowell Faculty Development Center
    Joseph, G., Strickland, S.