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Jialun Qin

Jailun Qin
Jialun QinAssociate Professor
  • CollegeManning School of Business
  • DepartmentOperations Informat Systems
  • Phone(978) 934-4000

Research Interests

Knowledge management, data and Web mining, digital libraries, human computer interaction


  • Ph D: Management Information Systems, (2006), University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Facilitating Knowledge discovery by Mining the Content and Link Structure of the Web
  • BS: Computer Science, (2001), Shanghai Jiaotong University - Shanghai, China

Awards and Honors

  • Graduate In-state Tuition Scholarship, Scholarship/Research - University of Arizona
  • Student Excellence Scholarship, Scholarship/Research - Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Tuition Scholarship and Graduate Assistantship, Scholarship/Research - National Science Foundation
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2009), Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Teacher Award (2008), Teaching - Student Government Association, University of Massachisetts Lowell
  • Teaching Award, Student Government Association (2008) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • AMCIS Doctoral Consortium (2005) - AMCIS


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  • The eOutcomes Project: Evaluating Achievement of Learning Outcomes in e-Learning Environments - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, May 2008 - Baltimore, MD