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Jiayan Li

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Jiayan Li Doctoral Student

Research Interest

Corporate Governance, Board Structure, Accounting Conservatism

Educational Background

B.A., Shantou University in China
M.A., University of Massachusetts Lowell
M.S.I.A., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Lowell (Current)


Jiayan Li is a current Accounting PhD student in the Manning School of Business. She earned her bachelor degree in Accounting from Shantou University in China, 2010, and Master degree in Regional Economics and Social Development from University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2012. Prior to joining the PhD program, she was studying in Master program of Accounting in University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2012.
Jiayan Li's research interests include corporate governance, board structure and accounting conservatism. She has several working papers related to these areas.