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Sandhya Balasubramanian

Sandhya Balasubramanian
Sandhya Balasubramanian, M.B.A. Assistant Dean, Academic and Corporate Program Development

Educational Background

M.B.A., University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
Master of Philosophy, University of Madras, India
Master of Commerce, University of Madras, India


Sandhya's areas of expertise include the development and implementation of new programs in higher education. 

In her current role, Sandhya leads diverse projects in support of UMass Lowell’s mission by concept testing, providing market and gap analysis to inform decisions, operational and execution support for strategic academic initiatives. She plays a key role in developing and implementing programmatic initiatives aimed at enhancing graduate and international student recruitment & retention. 

Throughout her career, Sandhya has worked in various capacities in higher education implementing new programs aimed at leveraging benefits for students. She has collaborated successfully across higher education institutions and engaged stakeholders in meaningful partnerships. In India, Sandhya served as professor and chairperson for several years in a department specializing in business and corporate studies where she was in charge of departmental administration, curriculum development and led the efforts to establish an academically integrated internship program for undergraduates. 

Sandhya is a doctoral candidate in entrepreneurship at UMass Lowell. Her research interests focus on the antecedents and impact of entrepreneurially oriented universities. She holds an MBA degree from UMass Lowell and master's degrees from the University of Madras, India.