Faculty Courses Taught
John Horgan Terrorism & Counterterrorism
James Forest Security Studies, Terrorism, WMD
Mia Bloom Terrorist Networks
Christopher Hickey Intelligence Analysis
Timothy Croft Homeland Security, Emergency Management
Linda Williams Research Methods
Bill Fisher Research Methods
Sukesh Aghara Radiation Safeguards, Nuclear Security, WMD
David Boyd Science and Technology of National Security
Scott McGaunn Computer Crime and Cybersecurity
Donald Faggiani Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
Jie Wang Computer Network Security
Benyuan Liu Network Infrastructures
John Fitzgerald Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan
Tzu-Yang Yu Inspection & Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure
Xingwei Wang Introduction to Biosensors
Philip Moss Politics & Economics of Public Policy
Mark Tries Radiation Safety and Control
Xinwen Fu Advanced Topics in Network Security

Other faculty in departments throughout the University of Massachusetts Lowell will also be contributing to courses and Capstone projects. This list will be updated periodically.