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UMass Lowell Startups

The New Venture Development is currently working with a number of UMass Lowell startups.

Incubated in-house

  • AquaTerrene - AquaTerrene is development a portable probe that can perform quick, on-site water analysis, determining concentrations of heavy metals, sediments and soil in samples. The company is currently testing its device out in the field.

  • Raywatch - Raywatch is currently development a flexible thin film radiation detector for applications in the medical radiation diagnostics and therapeutics space as well as for homeland security, and defense.

  • Visium Medical - Visium Medical is developing a disposable, low cost, Catheter-based Ultrasound (CBU) platform with first focus on a novel catheter that generates Ultrasound images and monitors temperature from the distal tip. These probes are easy to integrated and to maintain smaller size diameters than other US catheters. Visium Medical will prioritize the cardiology segment, specifically the Afib Ablation segment providing more minimally invasive devices and integration of diagnostic capability with surgical devices for cardiology.


  • Invitrometrix - Invitrometrix is working on game-changing technology for the pharmaceutical industry.  They are developing cell-based sensors that can monitor real-time biological changes, in response to different drugs. The device allows for research on various types of cells, like normal, healthy cells or cancer cells, to pinpoint potential side effects of drugs early on.

  • Weave Visual Analytics - Weave is building an online platform for data visualization. Users, regardless of their data experience, can render visualizations for any available data. It can also handle multilevel modeling, for more in-depth analytics.

Licensed Start-Ups

Company Product/Use Year Licensed Status
Anterios ("Encapsion") Nano-emolsion delivery system for facial filler 2006 Equity paid out; license assigned to Allergan (Aquired 2016 by Actavis/Allergan)
AnVil Informatics Inc. Data exploration & informatics 2000 Closed
Applied Nanofemto Infrared sensing 2014 Active
Eirion (Anterios spin-out) Nano-emulsion dliverey system 2016 Active
Immunotrex Educational, Inc. NanoKit(TM) nanoparticle technology education 2015 Active
Konarka Technologies (now closed) Solar power cells 2001 Closed
Polnox Antioxidants for Materials 2004 Closed; revived w/o UMass Lowell IP
Radect, LLC Radiation detection, Homeland security 2016 Active
Sabin Design/Orthoclose Medical/surgical device 2014 Closed
Sevo Nutraceuticals (AVIC LLC) PerceptiveR - CNS health dietary supplement 2012 Active
Solargasoline, LLC Alternative fuel source 2016 Active
Weave Visual Analytics Inc. Wave Software, data visualization 2015 Active

For information on any of these companies please contact Nancy Saucier.