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Several resources are available through the UMass Lowell New Venture Initiative, which are meant to assist startups and technologies that are, and become, part of our pipeline.

  • Development of a mentor team
    • UMass Lowell inside mentoring
    • Outside/Third party programs
  • Market research and analysis
    • In-house 
    • Contract-based
  • Grant identification and application support working closely with the Vice Provost Research staff
    • I-Corp
    • Mentor Protégé 
    • UMass Translational and Commercialization Grant particularly for proof of concept and prototyping
    • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Business model, plan and pitch development
  • Financing network introductions and facilitation
  • Technical and prototype milestone and development work
  • Clinical and regulatory path due diligence
  • Underwriting UMass Lowell and UMass system-wide resources that can be better used by startups to achieve early milestones
    • Core Research Facilities
  • Design, prototyping and testing services