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DifferenceMaker Mentors

DifferenceMaker Program

DifferenceMaker sponsors specific programs and activities that support students in solving big problems through innovative and entrepreneurial action. These include the annual Idea Challenge, classroom ideation sessions, problem solving workshops and related activity. Students are encouraged to form teams that further the development and launch of solutions and new ventures. Please visit the DifferenceMaker website to learn more.
See examples of past DifferenceMaker projects.

DifferenceMaker Mentor Program

The UMass Lowell DifferenceMaker Mentor Program seeks to connect DifferenceMaker students with successful experienced entrepreneurs and alumnus, as well as faculty and staff. The purpose of the program is to enhance the entrepreneurial, creative problem solving and academic capabilities of UMass Lowell students who participate in these programs.
This Mentor Program focuses on assisting UMass Lowell students to further develop solutions as part of the DifferenceMaker program. These solutions may be new businesses, new products or new ways of developing social services. The mentor's role is to provide guidance in furthering and refining student team objectives. Many student projects have commercial potential but need assistance getting there through market research, business development and fundraising processes. 
Goal: To help build entrepreneurship skills in UMass Lowell students and guide them to building their projects and ideas into new ventures through a professional mentoring process.