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DCU Innovation Contest

2013 DCU Innovation Contest


Have a "BIG" idea that could make a difference? Tell us about it!! 
Top Prize of $500 per team member!!
Finalist - $100 per team member!!
We want to hear your cutting-edge banking and financial innovations which could drive our future success in the industry. Possible focus areas include:
  • Mobile Technology Solutions
  • Future Payment Solutions
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Small Business Solutions
  • Payday Lending Alternatives
  • Are you up to the challenge? We think you are!!

 Important Dates!

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

  • Team Identified
  • Project Summary (Max 1 Paragraph)
October 25

Entry Submission Deadline

  • Executive Summary (Max 2 pgs.)
  • Supplemental Information (Max 3 pgs.)
November 13
Finalists AnnouncedNovember 22
Finalist Presentations and AwardsDecember 4


Each team must submit their project title, 1 paragraph project description and team member names by October 25.

 More Information

2013 Winners 

First Place

Project Title: Auto Credit
Description: A banking credit card concept that would link one’s personal checking account to a credit limit equal to the account balance. The differentiator for this concept is its emphasis on eliminating overdraft fees and building customer credit history.
Team Members: Alexander Martinez-Forte, a freshman majoring in business, economics, and mathematics, and Greg Bohenko, a senior majoring in business with concentrations in both finance and management.
Total Funds Awarded: $1,200

Second Place

Project Title: DCU Money Management: Receipt Tracking
Description: This phone application would allow users to scan every receipt they receive after shopping by utilizing their cell phone camera. Each receipt would be saved under a subcategory, such as restaurant, groceries and so on.  This application could also communicate with online banking to verify correct balances with checking accounts. This application will create convenience by organizing and saving each receipt a person has.  
Team Members: Domenic Tutela, Joseph Polcari, and Michael Zangri 
Total Funds Awarded: $550

Project Title: Electronic Register
Description: Create a simple-to-use electronic register phone application that would allow users to take a picture of any receipt or check, and have all the information be automatically calculated into the electronic register.  This would be convenient and also cut down the time it takes to write down transaction requests. 
Team Members: Joshua Carter and Matthew Gleason
Total Funds Awarded: $450

These two teams had similar ideas, so the hope is that they will utilize their winnings and combine ideas to develop an even better concept and prototype.

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