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Concept Project

Concept Project, Honorable Mention, DifferenceMakers

“Concept Project’s outreach will help raise awareness of current social movements”.

Concept Project is a team consisting of Garret Roberts from business and Adrian DelliCollo. Together, this team is aiming to raise money and awareness for various social issues by hosting mental and physical challenges based on concepts that are eye-opening and catchy. The problem Concept Project is solving are social issues that are relevant during any given time.

Concept Project received the honorable mention prize of $2,000 for their idea at the 2021 DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge. The team is currently in the process of creating their own line of apparel to raise awareness about their cause. Each piece of merchandise will represent a social issue and/or cause. Concept Project is working to expand their media production to have a positive impact on more people across the region.