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MyGrow Fabrix

MyGrow Fabrix , DifferenceMakers

Over the next fifty years, the global yield for crop growth must be doubled to account for population growth, and the amount of waste must be drastically reduced to help save the environment. MyGrow Fabrix discovered a problem where no cost effective and eco-friendly solution to planting vegetables and crops commercially, as well as in home gardens exists. Teammates Benjamin Chaco, an alumnus in computer engineering, Justin Simone, a graduate student in community social psychology, and Robert Simone, an expert in sales and marketing, developed an innovative solution.

Their solution has the ability to increase agricultural cultivation while decreasing the damaging environmental footprint of the process. MyGrow Fabrix created a novel microencapsulation fabric with biodegradable components that produce higher crop yields and growth for plants parallel to an eco-friendly design. This team won the 2020 Rist Campus-Wide DifferenceMaker prize, a $7,000 award, which will be used for further product testing and development, as well as business launch. Additionally, MyGrow Fabrix won $5,000 in legal services from DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge sponsors: Foley & Lardner, LLP, and Christopher McKenna, Partner and IP Lawyer, Foley and Lardner, LLP and ’89 alumni from the Francis College of Engineering.

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