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Hawk Hatch

What is Hawk Hatch?

Hawk Hatch assists students in The DifferenceMaker Program, as well as several other UMass Lowell programs, through philanthropic support.
Hawk Hatch is a philanthropy source that is bringing new ideas and academic dreams to life at UMass Lowell. 
  • Hawk Hatch Philanthropy: Raising money through various donation sources including alumni, friends, family, community members, faculty, staff, and so on.
    • Students will use their donation funds to further their entrepreneurial and innovative DifferenceMaker projects and ideas.  
DifferenceMaker StudentsMicro Philanthropy Donors
Receive your donation funds at no cost to you in order to further your DifferenceMaker project.Receive satisfaction by giving to the UMass Lowell entrepreneurial community.
Gain exposure and momentum for your project.Gain exposure to new talent, technologies, thoughts, energy and ideas.
Have the chance to participate in different funding cycles year round.Make a difference in a student's life.

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