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Through the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, along with affiliated faculty and other campus programs, the university has introduced a range of activities geared toward expanding our students' understanding of how they can make a difference in the world.

The DifferenceMaker program sponsors specific programs and activities that support students in solving big problems through innovative and entrepreneurial action.

We already know our students do make a difference, our many successful alumni are evidence of this, but rather than waiting for future graduates to discover their chosen career path, we introduce academic and extracurricular programs that specifically engage our students in innovative and entrepreneurial problem-solving.

The DifferenceMaker program provides training, mentoring and other resources to UMass Lowell students who wish to address social, environmental and economic problems in our community. In addition, our partner, Entrepreneurship for All, generously supported by the Deshpande Foundation, encourages the development of entrepreneurial ventures and leaders through competitions and leadership training programs.

The DifferenceMaker Program Explained was presented at the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance Conference in March 2013.

Take a Peek Inside

DM Central

Check out a 360-degree photo of DifferenceMaker Central and photos from our competitions on UMass Lowell's Virtual Tour at the Lydon Library stop. 

All DifferenceMaker Events

  • MAR
    DifferenceMaker Freshmen Seminar - Social Responsibility
    1:30 PM

    Are you interested in learning more about social responsibility and making the world a better place?

    Come join various guest speakers and social entrepreneurs as they discuss their non-profits.  This is a great networking opportunity and the guest speakers will take questions from the audience!

    This event is mandatory for all Freshmen DifferenceMaker Seminar Students.

    If you have any questions, please email

  • APR
    DifferenceMaker Freshmen Seminar - Launching your Solution
    1:30 PM

    Do you have an idea? Are you interested in pursuing it? Come listen to successful UMass Lowell Alumni that have successfully launched solutions to their ideas! This event is mandatory for all Freshmen DifferenceMaker Seminar Students. Today's guest speaker is Rob Ciampa, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business executive responsible for bringing more than 80 products to market worldwide and generating over $1.5 billion in revenue. An accomplished sales, marketing, product, and services executive, Rob is the founder and CEO of Business Catalytics, an exciting new company that combines the power of data science, the insights of management consulting, and the precision of operations management to help organizations identify and overcome sale and marketing performance challenges. Rob holds a BS and MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Boston University. He also holds multiple patents in data transmission, analytics, and visualization. If you have any questions, please email

  • APR
    DifferenceMaker Freshmen Seminar - Final Pitch!
    9:00 AM

    Come listen to and support the Freshmen Business Seminar students, as they pitch their creative ideas! They have worked on these projects all semester! This event will be hosted by Dr. Steven Tello, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. All winning teams will receive a prize!

    Best of luck to everyone.

    This event is mandatory for all Freshmen DifferenceMaker Seminar Students.

    If you have any questions, please email

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