Current Projects

TitleDescription of ProjectStatus
AM Women Magazine AM Women is an online lifestyle and fashion magazine for American Muslim women between the ages of 17 and 23. The topics discussed in the majority of magazines both on and offline do not speak to the experiences of the average American Muslim woman, and therefore, there is a gap in the market. To fill this gap, this magazine will be the leading source that captures the American Muslim woman experience and provides useful tips and advice about fashion, beauty, religion, culture, relationships, food, education, career, etc. It will address the various needs and issues that arise from the hybridization of these two cultures and identities through insightful articles, advice columns, personal blogs and stories from its readers. It will help American Muslim women everywhere find and maintain a balance in their lives that helps them stay true to themselves while still being trendy. Open
BankBR Internet banking app that is designed to aid users with budgeting their finances. Full
Barbell Motion Tracker We are developing a specialized device to track the bar path of a barbell when it is in motion. Open
Baseball Protective Headgear A product designed for youth baseball players, pitchers specifically, to protect their heads from "comeback" line drives. Full
BASH - Biodigester Aided Solutions in Haiti This project aims to coordinate with the Haiti Development Studies Center at UMass Lowell to promote the implementation of biodigester technology in and around Les Cayes, Haiti. We have a three-phase plan to evaluate existing units in Haiti, develop additional units, and sustain their operation through long-term connections with maintenance personnel. Full
Bio-Catheter The device is a bio-catheter whose function is to detect a potentially harmful biofilm growing on the inside of the catheter tube. Tiny vesicles would line the inside of the tube containing a dye that would be released in the presence of a biofilm. The user would then know from the color change of the urine that they are at risk of developing a urinary tract infection. At this point ,the patient would return to the doctor to get a new Foley catheter. Full
Bio-Catheter The device is a bio-catheter whose function is to detect a potentially harmful biofilm growing on the inside of the catheter tube. Tiny vesicles would line the inside of the tube containing a dye that would be released in the presence of a biofilm. The user would then know from the color change of the urine that they are at risk of developing a urinary tract infection. At this point ,the patient would return to the doctor to get a new Foley catheter. Full
Biometric Toilet - a health monitoring device A device that resides in the toilet, monitoring key indicators of health over time. Think "Fitbit" for the lavatory, anticipating future health problems before they happen. Open
Biophlox e-commerce portal Full
BioSimulator This project is aimed to anticipate the effect of chemical molecules on receptors and their effect on expression of cells, by using a computer application. By integrating different libraries of cell organelles functions it can be made possible to predict the outcomes of different molecules before testing them in vivo/invitro. This will help save money, work and time in drug discovery process. Open
Breathe project This project will focus on the planting of trees and how that addresses economic, community, health, and environmental development. Open
Breezy - an air quality monitor and alert system Air pollution is becoming a global problem, but the air quality in our own homes can be 5x worse than the air outside. Learn if your home's air is safe with Breezy, which provides real-time air quality monitoring you can track with your phone or online. Breezy will also alert you when the air is unsafe. Breath easier with Breezy. Full
Bringing Children's Opportunities to Adults Children's hospitals have some of the most advanced and holistic practices in the medical field. Some examples include, activity rooms on nearly every floor, with volunteers that go door to door, and allowing family members to sleep over. I would like to find a team to help me design an activity cart that can either be wheeled between rooms, or stationary and present in every room, in adult hospitals. Open
cheesy A new program to be offered at Umass Lowell where different clubs work together on one project. The project is a food kiosk selling Paninis/grilled cheese to students set up in university crossings. Each club will have different responsibilities in the operations of the kiosk. Open
Chemo Care Pack A care package designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy. We aim to provide activities and comfort items for chemotherapy patients. Open
Clean Air Algae A way to reduce localized carbon footprints in an effort to slow climate change in order to allow more time for alternative energies to emerge. Full
Clean Closet: Seams for your dreams Clean Closet is a prototype thrift store where business casual clothes for men and women would be donated and then sold at an affordable price for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The purpose of the store is to give addicts who are working hard at getting and staying clean a hand in pulling them out of the vicious cycle of addiction and help them take the necessary steps toward accomplishing the career goals that they once had and maybe thought were no longer possible. Clean closet would be the next stepping-stone for addicts in recovery to achieve their dreams and would work hand in hand with halfway houses to place them in jobs. Clean Closet would be a place for addicts to acquire the wardrobe, resume, interview skills, and training needed to become desirable candidates for various long-term positions. Open
Create more job options for international students The main idea of this project is that to create more on-campus jobs for international students. Increasing probability of getting involved and experiencing. International students should have more options to choose. Open
Date Rape Preventer (D.R.P.) A reusable bottle cap for the purpose of increasing the prevention of contaminates enter a bottled beverage. Full
Education for transient population: the case of subsaharian region in Africa The idea began with a simple question "How does a society educates a transient population, in a most effective manner?" In Chad (Africa), there is a group of nomadic population, whose main activity 365 days around the clock, is to follow their cattle throughout the country territories, in order to feed and raise their animals. This situation makes it difficult to provide a traditional classroom type of education to their children. This lack of education is a cause of huge disadvantages: impossibility to get the kids educated, waste of scarce GoC resources, difficult integration with the communities, this nomadic population encountered in their paths, not to mention the many conflicts created between the sedentary and nomadic populations in this part of Africa. A solution to this problem will have a considerable effect on the concerned population, and could cascade to other similar group of people in the world. I would like to solve this problem by using available technological tools (internet, Wi-Fi, solar panels, I-pads, etc.) along with a clever education program, that will result to a final designed product which is affordable and accessible by this population. Open
eNABLE Lowell eNABLE Lowell is a group that creates 3D printed prosthetic hands for kids in need. Open
Expect An application that facilitates communication between referring facilities/emergency medical services and accepting inpatient/emergency units. Open
EZRemoval Two major problems of today’s solar panels are low efficiency and shading caused by snow. When the snow covers the surface of solar panels, output power goes to zero. The new “EZRemoval” device has two parts; Smart Albedo and Snow Removal that can increase efficiency of solar panels by automatically removing snow from the surface of a solar panel. This will limit the shading and increase energy efficiency. Also, by using this device more electricity will be produced through the reflection of the Smart Albedo. Open
Flaire by invisaWear Technologies Flaire is a wearable device which connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth. With the simple push of a button, Flaire sends help messages and location information to predetermined emergency contacts. Additionally, this device can attached to an existing accessory, creating a discrete way of contacting help by avoiding drawing attention to the user. Full
Fluid Cart Incubator After discovering research that proved warmed fluids are significantly more beneficial to patients who are receiving fluid therapy, I wanted to find a way to increase the use of warmed fluids in the clinical setting. All facilities I have been to have a small incubator for fluids that would not accommodate the entire floor. I want to design a cart for fluids that is movable just like the carts many hospitals use, but also warms the fluids. If I can make this a reality I believe warmed fluids will be easily provided to patients who would benefit. Open
Get Girls Going Get Girls Going works to maximize the success of teen girls by empowering them through mentorship, education and wellness. The idea is to create a space/ sisterhood/ support system for high school girls who are lead by near-peer female college students facilitating the path to success. College students are close in age with high school students so the ability for the two to relate is powerful beyond measures. Get Girls Going will not simply be mentor and mentee interaction, but the entire Get Girls Going network will be able to connect at our Saturday programming sessions. This initiative is about helping young girls understand that their gender, race, financial status, bad living situations, or current academic standing is not correlated with success. This organization is formulated to give girls the tools they need, positive mental outlook, relationships, and opportunities that will change their lives forever! Full
Haiti Waste Management Create a solution for waste in Haiti that would provide economic, educational and environmental benefits. Full
HeadsUp! HeadsUp! aims to wake you up better by getting you to sleep faster, improving sleep quality, and creating a less-disruptive awakening experience. Full
How ya feelin? How ya feelin? is an art therapy app I am currently designing for middle school and high school age children. They will tell the app how they're feeling by clicking on one of the icons and then receive two creative prompts. The creative prompts are designed to help the people cope with their emotion and any other issues they could be facing. Open
Impruvify Impruvify is a mobile application that will allow students and faculty to submit improvement ideas for their university. Open
Kinder Minds The problem we want to solve is how prevalent bullying is in schools by using online challenges to build on student's compassion and respect towards their peers. Full
Life monitoring wristband This device is aimed towards users with life threatening health conditions. A specially developed wristband or smartwatch sends distress signal when users heartbeat stops. Open
LoreBooks LoreBooks allows writers to publish stories online as virtual 3D e-books to create a more immersive and quality reading experience. Open
Lost + Found Lost + Found aims to solve the problem of losing day to day items such as wallets, backpacks, purses, and keys through an app on your mobile device. Open
Love for Refugees My project idea is website (and app) that is used to help refugees who need help adjusting to a new home. Open
MealMe A service that provides low-income students with a tool that lists events happening within the greater Lowell area that provide free food, drink and entertainment to save money and encourage community engagement. Open
MPH: Maybe Phones Hurt This project is designed to prevent not only texting and driving but also social media and driving. The idea is simple; utilize the technology Snapchat has given us of determining how fast we are moving, and use it to know when a person is driving a car. By doing this we can prevent texts and social media while driving a vehicle. Open
MuV Our idea is called MuV, a contraption that will attach to backpacks allowing easy access to be rolled. The goal of this prototype is to act as a lightweight accessory that reduces stress on the spine specifically. This prototype will consist of a platform underneath the backpack that allows the user to roll it without straining their joints. Open
Nursing Difference Makers Project We would like to make a rug that you place at the exit of a unit in a hospital that would sanitize the bottom of the shoes so that germs cannot be tracked through the halls and other units. Open
Project Starfish Project Starfish will provide an effective, non-invasive and cost-effective prosthetic hand to people with disabilities. This will be accomplished using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as 3-D printing and advanced machine learning software. Open
Quick Response This project is for a security system that will allow every person in the facility the ability to have access to activating the alarm at any moment of time. This system will allow everyone in the facility to know whats going on at the exact instant and to send out a signal to the first responders to be alerted about the action immediately . Open
Remote Control to manage Power I plan to create with the help of a team a remote sensor which controls all the lights, fans appliances . So a person sitting in the living room can switch On/Off lights,fan,appliances in other rooms. This will help save electricity as many a times people are simply lazy turning off the lights in other rooms .. Open
RePrinter To develop a printer that can not only produce printouts but can also retrieve both the ink and make the paper reuseable (employing reverse engineering) Open
Rowdy Eats This app allows the user to be able to type in their student ID# and find out how many meals and points they have on their meal plan. When you type in your ID# if will search in a list of ID#s and bring up the specific student’s information on what is left on their plans. That way you can keep track of what is left on there plan. Open
Royal Bear Wear My best friend and I started a clothing line and developed our brand called Royal Bear Wear; we are a brand of urban wear and graphic tees. Our company has been in existence since August, and our goal is to have our brand represent strength, power, and resilience. Since we are urban wear, we figure that the majority of our target audience have experienced rough times in their lives that made them stronger; we want to use our brand to encourage people to take pride in their hardships because it made them better and stronger people. Full
Saving Fuel - The MEMs Way Hybrid vehicles save a lot fuel, but they are significantly more expensive than their conventionalcounterparts. Even small size cars today often have inadequate fuel economies. A significantportion of the fuel consumption occurs, when accelerating on the city streets or highways,especially driving up a hill. The existence of a cruise control or eco-drive systems in a car do not measure the acceleration thus leaving uncontrollable fuel consumption. We designed aaccelerometer based device, which allow measuring car acceleration with high precision 0.000589 meter/s 2, what implies the ability to measure change of car’ speed 0.0022369363 mph. Our design aims to minimize unwanted acceleration, control vehicle speed regardless to up or down hill profile of the road. We are in the process of a design,when road test would suggest whether the idea is correct. We also attempting to combine theaccelerometer with data collection board, which might allow us to generate uninterrupted roadtest. Full
Seasonal Housing Project The Seasonal Housing Project plans to open up affordable on-campus housing during the winter and summer breaks for the homeless population at UML. Open
Secure Surf Everyday consumer routers allow users only a small amount of parental control settings. Secure surf makes it easy to secure your children's web browsing. Full
Small Power Generator Using Human Power The project will determine the viability of power generation through the work done by walking. Open
SmartEater An Automated Diet Monitoring (ADM) System designed to help people to manage their dietary behavior. By analyzing user’s eating moment and eating behavior, the ADM system can provide some real-time advices like a personal coach. The prototype is designed basing on three devices (smartphone, smartwatch, and Bluetooth headset). The main analyzing system is running on the smartphone, while the smartwatch and Bluetooth headset are collecting user’s gesture and sound data. This ADM system has many health applications, such as weight management and stomach trouble treatment. Open
Solar Power Headphones To make headphones that capture and store solar power so that they are able to power the active drivers within them Open
Specialized Mental Health Resources System Email system with an automated survey program. Program sends specified information about mental health support resources. Information is personalized based on results of the survey. Open
Sustainable smoothie cart There is not a place to buy a convenient healthy snack on campus that has very little environmental impact. In addition, there are many people who do not know about sustainability or how to live a more environmentally friendly life. The sustainable smoothie cart will run on a sustainable power source and will emit very low waste. Its purpose is to provide the students at UMass Lowell with a healthy smoothie while educating them more about sustainability Full
SyncWasher The SyncWasher provides a cheaper and more accessible dish washing solution to customers. Open
SyncWasher The SyncWasher provides a cheaper and more accessible dish washing solution to customers. Open
Teflon-Coated Ear Tubes More permanent ear tube alternative to train the inner ear canal and prevent ear infections. The improved design also allows for a better fit, preventing the tubes from falling out, requiring repeat surgery. Teflon coating prevents clogging. Full
Textrade A new way to rent, trade, buy and sell textbooks through student to student commerce. Open
The NET Mentoring Group A group mentoring organization that helps inner-city students craft a pathway to success in STEM fields. Full
TopaCan - A solution to the number 1 most littered item in the world. TopaCan is a product development company incorporated as an LLC out of Nashua NH under the ownership of Justin Lozier. TopaCans first product is the Can Ashtray that turns any empty can into a environmental friendly way to dispose of your cigarette butts. Full
Veterans' QRF for Benefits and Services Help a diverse team create a tool that will assist veterans in applying for their service connected disability benefits, a huge problem going on in the US today. Open
WordPro Mobile App WordPro is a vocabulary builder - think digital flashcards - aimed at high school students learning a second language. The content management system is designed in such a way that it is relatively inexpensive to produce a new language deck, hence giving us the advantage in targeting smaller language groups, i.e. not competing with Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Pimsleur, etc. Open
Xergy An adjustable device that can be used on multiple exercise machines that will produce and store energy through the motions of exercising Open