Current Projects

TitleDescription of ProjectStatus
A Multi-Dose Autoinjector Many current autoinjectors allow for the delivery of a set dosage of a drug to be performed by either the patient or non-medical personnel. However, these products are typically designed for single-use, permitting only one dosage of a drug. This prototype not only aims to foster the straightforward operation of autoinjectors but also to allow for multiple dosages of a drug. Full
Affordable Leg Splint We are prototyping a cheap and easy to use leg splint that also has a device that pulls out the leg to reset the bones. Full
Affordable Parcel tracking Parcel delivery companies such as have transformed retail as they have made it possible to deliver goods to almost anywhere throughout the world. They have also helped businesses gain clients and improve distribution. As a customer, when we use postal service, we face a lot of inconvenience such as the packages are lost or the customers aren’t alert enough to know if the mailman knocked the door and it also mails cannot be tracked in real time.  We did a survey and we found that around 22% people said USPS lost their package, 12.5 % said UPS lost their package, 32% said other courier companies while 0% voted for Fedex. This issue increases on a very large scale when we consider developing countries. For example: In India, this issue is so terrible that the third party insurers for packages won’t insure the packages going to India. Henceforth, We would like to build an affordable real time parcel tracker to solve this problem which will track your parcel and send the exact location to you. Open
Ambulance Rescuer The aim of project is to ensure that ambulances move quickly through traffic, especially in developing countries where traffic management is terrible. Full
Artemis Child Safety Seat Artemis is a "smart" car seat that helps prevent harm to children from being left in the backseat of a vehicle. Open
Automatic Artist A tracking device that draws what the user would like to draw, despite his or her disabilities. Full
Automatic Clothes Stain-Remover Applicant Our project is a prototype, four-axis CNC machine, that can recognize stains on solid colored clothes without patterns, and automatically dispense a stain remover to the affected area. Full
AutoScribe Our product consists of a CNC motion axis and a pre-programmed set of letters which can then be transmitted through the axis and onto paper as a form of automated "hand"-writing. The main purpose of our product is to efficiently personalize important documents and letters. Full
Baseball Protective Headgear A product designed for youth baseball players, pitchers specifically, to protect their heads from "comeback" line drives. Full
BASH - Biodigester Aided Solutions in Haiti This project aims to coordinate with the Haiti Development Studies Center at UMass Lowell to promote the implementation of biodigester technology in and around Les Cayes, Haiti. We have a three-phase plan to evaluate existing units in Haiti, develop additional units, and sustain their operation through long-term connections with maintenance personnel. Full
Blade Cutter Prototype We will be using CNC axes with Matlab programming to run a code that cuts out a specified blade of precise dimensions. Full
Blind Enabler This project is a combination of three concepts which in turn creates a very unique robot. I designed and built an Infrared receiver circuit with a phototransistor and operational amplifiers that detects a reflected IR signal. Moreover, I created a whole wireless controlled terrain motored vehicle. Furthermore, I designed and built this project from scratch; using only discrete components (resistors, P & N-MOSFETs, etc.) an H-bridge to drive 6 DC motors for 6 wheel Terrain Trekker vehicle controlled by an Arduino board receiving control signals via ZigBee wireless-receiver. Then I built a remote controller using another Arduino wired to a ZigBee wireless-transmitter. I programmed the Arduino and the transmitter/receiver. There is also facial detection to detect the owner’s face. The point of this project is to help the blind navigate themselves instead of using an unreliable dog. Full
Breezy - An affordable air quality monitoring system Air quality is an increasing problem worldwide. With more pollution everywhere, particles can fill the air we breathe and small ones can sneak into our lungs. This aggravates allergies, asthma and even cancer. Most people don’t know what the air quality is in their own homes, and air inside a home can be up to 5x more polluted than air outside. Breezy helps people take control of the air they breathe by allowing them to track the air quality in their homes through an easy to-use-website, and sending alerts if the air quality is poor. Coupled with suggestions on how to improve the air around them, Breezy is the first step to breathing easy. Full
Breezy - an air quality monitor and alert system Air pollution is becoming a global problem, but the air quality in our own homes can be 5x worse than the air outside. Learn if your home's air is safe with Breezy, which provides real-time air quality monitoring you can track with your phone or online. Breezy will also alert you when the air is unsafe. Breath easier with Breezy. Full
Capstone Capstone is a wireless device that attaches to an already existing IV system, which will alert nurses five minutes before the IV bag is empty and alarms the patient. This will give the nurses the advantage of time, while simultaneously limiting their stress as well as their patients. Full
CareBit CareBit is a product and service that remotely monitors temperature and moisture content of diapers using RFID technology. Nurses, Doctors, Parents, Nursing home attendants or any other care provider can check online or be notified via a smart phone app if a Patient or child needs to be attended. Open
Clinical VR While there is a multitude of research out there about the positive benefits that virtual reality can offer for those suffering with PTSD, phobias, and anxieties, there is no brand name synonymous with the technique. We will apply VR in a clinical setting to help desensitize patients to their afflictions. Open
Coffee Maker Project will prepare iced coffee for the user. Full
Complexion protection Complexion protection is a thin hypo-allergenic mask that is applied to the face before using any face makeup. It will allow people with sensitive skin to have a seemingly smoother, more even complexion without clogging pores and risking acne flare-ups. Everyone should be able to utilize makeup to help love the skin they're in, without putting their dermatological health at risk. Open
Credit Cash I am looking to develop an app to be able to block Google Wallet and Samsung Pay on the smartphone when the user have reached a set budget. The user can manually override the block, but the intention would be make the user think about the purchase, just like if they were spending with cash. Studies have shown that credit cards can stimulate overspending and by simulating the real cash aspect, the app will cut down on overspending Open
Crowdsourcing Dating Profile Advice We will crowdsource dating profile advice. People are embarrassed to ask their friends of the opposite sex of how their dating profile is. Open
Cyborg Cyborg is a Hybrid Musical Instrument, designed to transform any object into a touch sensitive musical instrument. The concept might be a bit hard to understand since this is the first of its kind. The user can select any sound from a sound bank. Such a versatile device finds enormous applications in the Music Industry and is a great way for beginners to learn music. Cyborg also greatly reduces the cost of setting up a professional level drum set, since it can be substituted for a plethora of percussion instruments. Full
DifferenceMaker I do not have a specified project yet, I am still brainstorming but I do consider this my official entry into the challenge. (Text me if you're looking for a crew) Full
DigiBank DigiBank is a digital financial transaction system that allows consumers to directly deposit change obtained from cash transactions at retailer point of sale systems into a designated account via an issued card and/or a mobile application. In doing so consumers will no longer risk misplacing money, or deal with carrying loose change. Open
Disaster Guard Disaster Guard is a multi-platform solution to mitigate the effects of natural disasters on human lives. Full
DIY Cost Effective Bioprinter We are looking to start a project and raise funds to build a cost effective 3D bioprinter so the school may gain greater hands on experience that is currently lacking, and taking a humanitarian stand by providing open source bioprinters overseas in places like Syria to help children with injuries such as skin burns. We will be building two designs. One, based off of the idea of converting and modifying inkjet printers into sterile environments, where 3D printing of cell cultures may be performed. We are aiming to also raise funds for the future so that UMass Lowell may one day be able to get a top quality bioprinter for the department. Importantly we are looking to recruit team members with leadership skills who also share interests in the inherent nature of stem cells as a source of healing and regeneration. Open
DriverAssistance Large investigation has been applied to build new generations of 3D radar, 3D cameras right now. Big companies like intel tries to improve the performance of their products. In the commercial section, automobile industries are a main target of of these products. These devices help driver to have an accrue estimation about the car’s distance to all physical barriers around that. This is a open research and can be improved exponentially everyday. Thus a lot of current cars can not have an access to this kind of services, moreover any car is made today, can not be updated by the next generation of these devices. Our team offers an alternative approach. We propose install these devices on the streets and urban area to provide all possible services for subscriber through a mobile application. More than normal services already can be provided by these devices, some new service like finding free on street parking or free spot on the parking lot are completely possible to provide. Open
Drone Aid A device that will attach to a drone and deliver first-aid for those who need it in a natural disaster Full
Elder Medical Care Elder Medical Care is a panel smart device using for the elders who need to take medicine every day. For those elder people living alone, they will probably forget taking their medicine one day or they may feel uncomfortable sometime. But they may not realize after that, and their doctor will also cannot know this symptom. By using this smart medical care device, it can provide a human-computer interaction way to care the elder’s heath condition. The device will get the medicine information from the doctor. And it will remind the elder people to take medicine everyday on time, or remind them not eat some food which is bad for their health according to their medical history. Also, the smart device will provide some human-computer interaction functions, which will help the lonely elder people to cost their time. Open
Empower'd This project is an organization with the focus to make communities better by having a community outreach program and a homeless outreach program. It is our hope that we can transform communities through involving residents, students, and other organizations that are committed to community development Open
eNABLE Lowell Developing 3D printed prosthetic devices for children with limb differences Full
ESW Smoothie Cart Engineers for a Sustainable World is building a 100% green smoothie cart, powered by a bicycle. We intend to serve smoothies to UML and benefit our community in the process! Open
EZ Removal The EZ Removal device helps by removing snow from the surface of a solar panel. We have built a prototype of the EZ Removal device with a 20 Watt solar panel in the Maker Space of the university. To see the real effect of the reflector on efficiency, we will test it on the roof of the university using 2 multimeters with different reflector materials. The next step would be to get a patent. At the same time we will make a business group and plan for marketing and the business side. If we win this competition we will use the funds to improve our prototype and develop a business model for future success. Finally, this will be a sustained project since alumni students are continuing this project with the new students. Open
EZ Tranz What I would like to do with this idea is to make a device that can serve as an instant translator in real time in person. This device would "read" what the other person is saying in sign language, and take their signs in real time and translate into the preferred language. This device will be inexpensive and would extremely help poorer people and communities that done have them, like 3rd world countries. Open
Flying First Aid We are going to create an egg shaped pod that can be delivered by helicopter to areas with lost communication after a natural disaster strikes. The pod will be able to carry medical supplies and be equipped with a satellite radio that will be able to put victims in contact with medical help. dispatchers will be able to instruct the victims of how to treat basic medical issues, in the case that medical help cannot reach them in a timely fashion. The dispatcher will control the opening doors of the pod. Full
Follow the Sun We will be developing a solar panel that I'll adjust it's position throughout the day to track the sun increasing the panels overall efficiency. Open
Get Fit! This is a project that will work towards the installation of fitness parks in many diverse, low income, and vulnerable neighborhoods. This project is focused on adding innovative solutions to fit adult obesity. Open
Get Girls Going Inc Get Girls Going works to maximize the success of teen girls by empowering them through mentorship, education and wellness. Get Girls Going serves as a support system for high potential, minority and or low income Girls in high school who have a lack of support and therefore need support to succeed. Full
Gospel Gospel is a website that would house many Christian songs from all over the world. When I thought of this idea, my first initiative was just African gospel songs that have not been recognized, but that is myopic. In our world today, children of faith can hardly find that one place to find some things meant for them. The young and old would find soul-filling gospel songs and movies from all over the world! Open
GraduateMe No one wants to go to the University and blindly take classes that do not count towards their degree requirements. However, this has been the case for many people and has caused most including me to incur debts, frustration, time wasting and worst of all, completely given up on education. GraduateMe is the idea of creating a platform on a mobile device, tailored to each universities curriculum that connects a student with their major and the classes needed. A student visualizing their rate of success is key to achieving that success and with GraduateMe, you will be a graduate! Open
Green Burial Film Screening and Resource Showcase Green Burial offers alternatives to those concerned about the environmental impact of funeral practices. This event will offer an introduction to available resources and philosophies. Open
Ground Floor Create a home water sanitation system that through a change in density and temperature of the water it can be manipulated through ionization to sanitize the water and create clean drinking water. Full
Guardian Guardian is an idea of reducing medical complications to the elderly while reducing on health care costs. Guardian is an idea for an electronic pill dispenser and mobile app that regulates when patients take their pills and notifies the "guardian" if they haven't been taken yet. Open
Healthy Dose Have you ever buy a big bottle of some kind of supplement or vitamin from any other retail store, because you want to improve a certain expect of your body and be more healthy. However, end up with throwing away that big bottle filled expired supplement? This scenario happened to me many times, maybe you do too! We are always forgetful toward to small but important things in life. How about if every day we go to work, the minute we sit down we see a small package of a customized supplement and vitamin kit on our table. We will never forget to take the supplement we want and most importantly--never waste them again! I like to create a new way to connect the end user and supplement company. A subscribed service would take care the risk of storage problem of the end users and partner with name-brand vitamin company to deliver fresh supplement weekly or monthly to home or office. The subscribers can be families or companies. Open
I Look It Up This is a search engine using images and audio clips instead of text search. We usually see things around us like an insect while hiking or we watch/listen to a short clip from a movie or a documentary on social media and it get us very interested to watch the whole thing, which leaves us typing few times on a regular search engine before finding the right answer or not at all. That is why inserting an audio clip, a short video or image to pull up all the information including the name of what we are looking for. Open
i-Ventory Cost to stock inventory of maintenance, repairs and operations item can run into several millions for manufacturing company and traditionally most have been doing same. i-Ventory will employ a novel strategy to virtually connect company stockrooms with MRO items suppliers, where MRO items will be order and deliver just in time thereby reducing inventory costs. Open
InstaBlood InstaBlood is an app that connects a network of potential blood donors directly with local hospitals and blood banks thereby addressing the issue of scarcity of blood in local hospitals/blood banks. Full
InstaFreeze "ice cream in minutes" A single serving instant ice cream maker for at home use. It uses super-cooling technologies and is operated by inserting a "pod" containing your favorite ice cream flavor in powdered form. The appliance then adds water and instantly freezes the mix into a super smooth consistency. Open
Iron Man Product Description Every morning millions of Americans spend valuable time ironing and/or steaming their outfits. The new product we are introducing is a hands free-steaming device that is easily portable and stored. This product will change the steaming industry, and make ironing a chore of the past. This device is a pod, shaped almost like a mannequin, that releases steam through its pores. Articles of clothing placed on our product will be fresh and crisp in the matter of minutes; we call it the Iron Man. Target Market For our target market, the steamer would be catering to the needs of many different groups, all of whom need our product to attend to their own specific circumstances. Among the target market groups we plan to focus on, the steamer would be sold to homemakers, individuals who have most of their time spent making sure their living space is properly attended to for themselves and whomever they live with, for it’s ability to easily create fresh clothing. There is also the target market of people who live by themselves, but either due to space constraints or time, cannot dedicate the time to maintain clothing as much as they would like. Our product would solve those issues easily for that particular market, and also open us to other time sensitive groups. Due to it’s function, people who work within some businesses where decorum needs to be maintained will also be in the market for our business, and as such, we will be using them as a secondary target. Product Benefits Iron Man steamer’s user would benefit from using a product that wouldn’t burn their hands or cause any delay when they are in a hurry and need to quick steam their clothes. This revolutionary product would make life easier for people that are struggling with this problem in the daily life. We are about to give to people the solution that they had been looking for with a product that is fast, easy and safety. How quick and easy a person changes his clothes before go to work or to a meeting, Iron Man Steamer would works at same speed and get your clothes ready before you noticed it. With Iron man steamer you would say not more to waste your time in getting your clothes steam and ready to be use and also say not more to any burn hands and fingers! Competitive Advantage With our idea of the “hands free” steamer, we will be able to differentiate ourselves from other products that are similar. As we researched, most of the products on the market are hand held steamers that you have to physically touch in order to use. With our creation of the “hands free” steamer, we can position ourselves in a different tier than other products within our market. Our product offers a more user friendly tool that can be used in the background while accomplishing other tasks. We are providing a one-of-a-kind product that most of our competitors cannot achieve thus far. Our goal is to save time for our customers while offering a valuable product that can be used regularly. Open
IVC Clot Filter Current clot filters present risks such as shifting, vessel puncture and strut fracture that this new invention aims to eliminate. I currently have a design and welcome any advice/input from my team. Open
Life Monitoring Band A wireless wristband that monitors an individuals heartbeat and temperature. The device connects to a mobile device via bluetooth and can send out a emergency call in the case of a life threatening event, such as cardiac arrest or drug overdose. Open
liveGreen Our idea is to design a website that will allow users to find ways to live a more environmentally friendly life. It will provide users with various resources about green living, such as where to find organic local restaurants and grocery stores, where to buy solar panels locally, and options about water and power conserving appliances. Our goal is to provide an easy way for people to learn how to live an eco-friendly life without having to do all the research on their own. Open
LoreBooks - Mixed Reality Literature Using the HoloLens to turn e-books and pdfs into 3D augmented reality books, a hybrid experience between print books and e-books. Open
MAJOR Discovery Community Action Initiative. Goal: Create a hands-on college major/career path discovery program at LHS or local community high school. Help young people find what they love to do or want to do sooner in life! Open
MediCard Universal ID system to streamline transfer of medical information between medical providers. Open
Mountain Bike Hazard Tracking The goal of this project is to create an app and wearable tech combination that will reduce the amount of trail-related (hazards, poor conditions, difficulty level) injuries in the mountain biking community. First, the app will provide users with trail-view: a feature that provides a detailed trail-level view of the entire trail to get a sense of the difficulty level before riding the trail. This will be implemented by continuously taking GPS correlated photos of the trail and stitching them together so the user can scroll through the entire trail. Second, a Bluetooth-connected smart wristband will provide real-time trail hazard warning and point of interest alerts to users while riding the trail without requiring the user to take his eyes off the trail. The smart wristband will respond to geo-tagged hazards and points of interest along the trail. Three different type of tagging will be available: 1. Hazard tagging: A user that is currently riding on the trail and discovers a hazard can take a geo-tagged photo that will be available to all users via trail-view and smart wristband warning. 1. POI tagging: A user can tag points of interest in trail-view mode that are only visible on his/her trail-view. The user does not need to be physically on the trails to tag POI’s via trail-view. Given that trail-view is a sequence of GPS-correlated images, the app will know the exact GPS coordinates of a POI that is identified through trail-view. 2. Group tagging: A group trail ride can be arranged by tagging a meeting point on trail-view that will be visible to all member of the group. If a group member arrives late, his trail-view will show the real-time location of the other members of the group so he/she can catch up. The smart wristband will provide haptic feedback (vibrations) to alert a rider when he/she is approaching a GPS-tagged location. These vibrations will vary based on type of tag. Open
Moveesy Our goal is to make walking, riding or what ever in urban areas as easy is possible for everybody. Open
Music For All A Special needs band and orchestra program that would pair special needs students with UML Music Students in order to teach them music in a one on one setting and also in a group setting, and eventually putting on a concert. Open
Nico Spadorcia Business Consulting The project that I have formed is called Nico Spadorcia Business Consulting. I am creating this company in order to provide business consulting services to local small businesses. These consulting services currently consist of video marketing for clients, with the goal to eventually expand into coaching. Open
One Operator Stretcher A telescopic backpack stretcher. Full
Operation250 Operation250 seeks to educate children, parents, and teachers about online safety and how to most effectively protect themselves from coming into contact with online violent extremist material and individuals. Full
Oxygen Plus This project is comprised of business students as well as engineering students to solve the problem for a patient in need of oxygen 24/7. The most common delivery system requires long tubing for moving between rooms.  We aim to solve this with a low cost solution to the hazards of oxygen tubing in the home. Engineers have begun working on prototype. Full
Pin-it Pin-it is an electronic method to post notes, ads, or announcements replacing the method of pinning them on the traditional bulletin board using paper and pins. In our fast changing world of technology and virtual communication, Pin-it will accommodate the prevailing means of electronic communication, making the billboards more of a magnet to students who are adept with using monitors and screens in their daily lives, as opposed to the classic board. Paper waste may be an unassuming problem, but its impact is substantial. The less paper that can be used the better. Paper manufacturing is the third largest user of fossil fuels worldwide. Furthermore, it takes about 390 gallons of oil to produce one ton of paper. In Massachusetts alone the Department of Environmental Protection estimated that businesses threw away 1.6 million tons of paper in 2006, costing them about $100 million for disposal. Pin-It will help UMass Lowell and the world by doing our part to cut out some of our contributions to the creation of fossil fuels and oil use, while saving the university money and improving student's college experience. Full
Ping-Pong Ball Launcher Educational tool for launching small objects such as ping-pong balls. It will use user-inputted values to decide the launching force and angle. The launcher will utilize CNC axes, MATLAB programming, and rubber bands for the launching system. Full
Project Green Roof Due to overcrowding and increases in population, many cities are concrete jungles without any form of actual jungle. Colleges located within these cities are forced to sacrifice green spaces for more buildings in order to further expand campuses. This unfortunate lack of space can be solved by introducing rooftop green spaces through the renovation of already existing buildings. Roof top green spaces not only better the social aspect of college life, but would better the campus itself by providing more trees and shrubs that produce a healthier and cleaner environment overall. The cost for conversion of already existing roofs is minimal to the long term advantages that these spaces will provide for UMass Lowell. Full
Project Starfish Project Starfish will provide an effective, non-invasive and cost-effective prosthetic hand to people with disabilities. This will be accomplished using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as 3-D printing and advanced machine learning software. Full
Remote Control Chess Using CNC Axis to control the pieces of Chess. Open
Remote Controlled Chess Using MATLab, players will be able to click a picture of a current chess board, and a CNC axis will move the chess pieces according to the inputs on the computer for a full game. Full
Renewing the Call Bell System Mobile app nursing call bell system. The patient can use the app to request pain meds, food, assistance, etc. through a tablet device. This device is also connected to patient monitors which can be viewed by the nurse/med staff using their mobile device. Based on the patient monitor readings assistance can requested immediately. The medical staff will have a mobile device that displays a prioritized list of requests. Open
Royal Bear Wear My best friend and I started a clothing line and developed our brand called Royal Bear Wear; we are a brand of urban wear and graphic tees. Our company has been in existence since August, and our goal is to have our brand represent strength, power, and resilience. Since we are urban wear, we figure that the majority of our target audience have experienced rough times in their lives that made them stronger; we want to use our brand to encourage people to take pride in their hardships because it made them better and stronger people. Full
S-Case/Secure Case In recent times, we have seen the rise of fingerprint technology in most cellphones. Currently in the market we have around 43 cellphones capable of unlocking the phone using fingerprints. Yet, every person does not carry a cellphone bearing this feature. In most poorer countries, this technology has not reached the common man. Further, such technology could be a breakthrough against cellphone thefts in those communities. Therefore, I propose that we replace the regular phone cases we buy with ones having fingerprint verification and a secure casing to provide a very high level of security to the user. Mobile phones used to be secure before the last five years. We need to bring the build quality and security to match the modern world. The cellphones we own now do not suffice in security. Not everybody thinks twice to steal somebody else's phone. The phone’s case can be a smart case, having lightweight micro components, and a fingerprint scanner on the outside, all packaged inside a metallic or polymer case of high durability. Such a setup provides the scope to provide extreme protection for cellphone devices or tablets. Open
Saving Fuel - The MEMs Way Hybrid vehicles save a lot fuel, but they are significantly more expensive than their conventionalcounterparts. Even small size cars today often have inadequate fuel economies. A significantportion of the fuel consumption occurs, when accelerating on the city streets or highways,especially driving up a hill. The existence of a cruise control or eco-drive systems in a car do not measure the acceleration thus leaving uncontrollable fuel consumption. We designed aaccelerometer based device, which allow measuring car acceleration with high precision 0.000589 meter/s 2, what implies the ability to measure change of car’ speed 0.0022369363 mph. Our design aims to minimize unwanted acceleration, control vehicle speed regardless to up or down hill profile of the road. We are in the process of a design,when road test would suggest whether the idea is correct. We also attempting to combine theaccelerometer with data collection board, which might allow us to generate uninterrupted roadtest. Full
SEAable A digital archiving app to mass collect, or crowdsource, and preserve special documentations of the Southeast Asian (SEA) community in Lowell. Full
Sensor Platform for Drone Searchj and Rescue A sensor platform, that attaches to commercially available drones, for use in search and rescue operations. Open
Sexual Health App Development of an app to educate 9th grade and older girls about safe sex education in an out-patient clinic setting. Open
Share the Knowledge A website for lesson plans that would be given to schools with 50% or more students with free or reduced lunch. The money would be donated to from contributors for struggling schools that can't afford the resources it needs. It would be personalized lesson plans for teachers and schools that really need it in order to help minimize the achievement gap. Open
Share the Sound We would like to combine our love for music with our interest in community development to form a nonprofit organization that seeks to donate instruments and lesson books to impoverished communities. While it is important for organizations to help impoverished communities meet physiological needs, it is equally as important for them to meet higher order psychological needs. A progressive society is one that is nourished by the music and arts. The goal is to provide less-fortunate communities with the priceless gift of music. Open
Small Power Generator Using Human Power The project will determine the viability of power generation through the work done by walking. Open
SMART AIR CONDITIONER According to a survey by US energy Information Administration’s there are about more than 31.6 million people who uses individuals air conditioners ( 500 - 900 watts ) and through our personal surveys and interviews we listed out some issues they're facing every day and majority of the problems were related to the high power consumption of power which directly leads to high electricity bill and some of the other concerns were bulkiness, expensiveness, non - Eco friendly ( using pollutants like CFC refrigerant) and excessive sounds. So with regards to all of this problems we came to a new technology named – “Smart Air Conditioner” which has full potential to replace traditional Air Conditioners with much less power consumption, light weight (can be use in indoors), in-expensive, Eco-friendly with silent operations. Open
Smart Pillow Design smart Pillow with inbuilt sensors which can self-adjust the hardness and height of pillow for sleepers. Full
Smart Showerhead Design a smart shower head to save water in the shower. Full
Smoke tracking device Design a wearable device can monitor of breathing and hand gesture to mouth to detect smoking. The device can provide data to a Quit Smoking App to help smoking people make quit plan and monitor quitting plan. Open
Solving The Energy Effiency Deficit for The Common Home The common household is an energy hog. It consumes and consumes energy with no regard to the current green energy initiative. One common misconception about the electric and electronic appliances in the household, is one you shut them off they no longer use electricity. This hidden energy drain is referred to as “vampire” energy or standby power, which refers to the energy constantly used, even when the appliance is turned off. My idea is to create a smart electrical service panel, one which can be accessed via smart phone or computer to shut down specific circuits, or program them to shut off at certain times, or even shut down certain outlets in the house when no movement is detected in the room. The second reason for a product like this would-be safety. Between 2009-2011 there were over 25,900 residential electrical fires, causing an estimated 280 deaths, 1,125 injuries and $1.1 billion in property loss. The cause of these fires for heat from powered equipment was approximately 88.6% Open
Sports Wristband The product in development is a high tech sports wristband to be used in football. It will be a flexible LCD screen imbedded in a wristband for the play caller on the field both on offense and defense. The coaches on the sideline will then be able to call plays from a tablet or iPad and send it wirelessly to the wristband. Open
Spread the Love A website for lesson plans that would be given to schools with 50% or more students with free or reduced lunch. This would be a non-profit company and the money would be donated to from contributors for struggling schools that can't afford the resources it needs. It would be personalized lesson plans for teachers and schools that really need it in order to help close the extremely large achievement gap in Massachusetts. Open
Stranger Diner People are hungry, at least twice a day. However, cooking your own food is not easy to some people and restaurant food is not always the best with respect to homemade food. Stranger Diner is a web based application to help bring people together and experience dining homemade delicious food. Full
SubQ It! Biodegradable staple for wound close that minimizes scaring and does not require a follow up visit. Full
sustain-a-flush As a surprise to most people, the water that is constantly filtered through every toilet system in the United States is filtered, drinkable water. My idea is to essentially create a device that collects rainwater and filters it up to the toilet, making it so that consumers save money on their water bills, while also saving hundreds of gallons of water every single day for the better health of the planet and its sustainability. Open
Tex trade Textrade is a site that allows students to trade and rent books to each other. Full
Textrade Textrade is a site that allows students to trade and rent books to each other. Full
The Do Good Project Fact Check: 85% of the homeless people own a smartphone. Everyday, a huge amount of unused, untouched food is thrown away by restaurants at the end of the day. The idea of our project therefore is to make an app that connects restaurants throwing away food to homeless people. Restaurants post on the app and immediately a text message is sent to the subscribers along with details of the location. The app sounds pretty basic but we have a ton of other features planned such as including location API's, using datasets for entire states etc. Our aim is to solve the hunger crisis one city at a time. Open
ThermoThaw ThermoThaw is a series of interlocking panels that are installed on top of the customer’s driveway and melt snow and ice by means of thermal energy. This innovation is different from everything on the market because it collects the melted snow and ice to prevent refreezing. By doing so, this product will provide our customers with water that can be utilized for several purposes, such as home cooling and heating, gardening, and in the very near-future, safe drinking water. Open
TriGlove A glove that is used for large disasters that measures vitals efficiently through sensors controlled by a BITalino. Full
triSleeve A Triage Glove that measures vital signs to give first-responders a faster and more accurate way of determining a victims status. Full
UML Green Roofs The goal of UML Green Roofs is to implement safe, ecologically friendly, outdoor study spaces into UMass Lowell's campus by designing and building green roofs for buildings such as libraries and dorms. Full
UML Napping Nook The UML Napping Nook could be an innovative and cost-effective, easily sustainable resource to UML students to promote relaxation, reduce stress and lethargy, and a chance for students to reenergize. Giving our students a chance to reach their full potential and decreasing their risk of mental health issues. The UML Napping Nook would be a technology-free space. Meaning no calls, texts or emails. This is not another study space on campus. Naps, meditation, and silent mindfulness of all kinds are encouraged. The UML Napping Nook would ideally be a room you walk into and feel instant relaxation. The walls of the napping nook would have beautiful nature murals and natural lighting. The Nook would have a variety of options to sit back into, such as hammocks, cots, and bean bags. In order to respect the privacy of others, there would be adjustable standup room dividers. between each hammock, cot, and bean bag. No more napping in the Library after an all-nighter or your roommates have kept you up all night! Sit back, relax and sleep tight at the UML Napping Nook. Open
Uneefi The purpose behind Uneefi is to help individuals find their ideal living space based on lifestyle and compatibility. It will match individuals based on their interest and lifestyle, once matched, together they can look for a living space. It will also give tenants a direct access to their landlords should anything need to be fixed. Rent will also be handled through Uneefi. Uneefi will have a tenant account and landlord account. The goal is to open this up to college student as web platform and then extend it to young professionals in a mobile application platform. Ultimately, both groups will be using the service either as a Web Platform or mobile application. Full
Uneefi The purpose behind Uneefi is to help individuals find their ideal living space based on their unique lifestyle and compatibility. It will match individuals in respect to their interest and lifestyle, once matched, as a circle they will be able to look for a living space. It will also give tenants a direct access to their landlords should anything need to be fixed. Rent will also be handled through Uneefi. Uneefi will have a tenant account and landlord account. The goal is to open this up to college students as a web platform and then extend it to young professionals in a mobile application format. Ultimately, both groups will be using the service either as a web platform or a mobile application. Open
Uneefy The purpose behind Uneefi is to help individuals find their ideal living space based on lifestyle and compatibility. It will match individuals based on their interest and lifestyle, once matched, together they can look for a living space. It will also give tenants a direct access to their landlords should anything need to be fixed. Rent will also be handled through Uneefi. Uneefi will have a tenant account and landlord account. The goal is to open this up to college student as web platform and then extend it to young professionals in a mobile application platform. Ultimately, both groups will be using the service either as a Web Platform or mobile application. Open
UTEC Mattress Recelying This Team is working with UTEC Lowell it figure out how to figure out a innovative way to recycle a grey shoddy pad that is part of all the mattresses UTEC recycles. We want t o create a new revenue stream for UTEC and see a huge opportunity for an issue knowbody has figured out how to solve yet. Open
Value Investing We are a company that determines the best stocks based on the most chosen company gift card at an event. Open
Value Investing 2.0 We are a company that determines the best stocks based on the most chosen company gift card at an event. Open
Xergy An adjustable device that can be used on multiple exercise machines that will produce and store energy through the motions of exercising Open